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  1. Will MK5 ZS suspension go on my SportKa? If so,will it lower it at all?
  2. Sportka Engine Transplants

    What's a better option power to weight wise,1.8 or 2 litre Zetec? Do I need anything from other engines or do the drop in as they are?
  3. Sportka Engine Transplants

    Anyone got any more Info?
  4. Sportka Engine Transplants

    Would be nice lol but I'm not looking at spending thousands and hoping to do a lot of it myself. Aren't they 150 brake?
  5. What conversions are fairly simple to do into a SportKa,ie pretty much drop straight in? Was thinking good old Puma? But what about 2 litre Blacktops etc?
  6. 2003 Street Ka Overheating And Fan Problem

    I know this is an old post but I have same problem,I'm waiting for new relay nut need to drive the car,anyone know what the 60amp in the middle is for?? Also,is there a fan switch on these or just a cts?
  7. Hi all,wondering if you can help. Recently got back in a Ford in the shape of a SportKa. I bought it with the Engine management light on but it drove fine so wasn't TOO worried,got it Home and got a mate to plug it in and turned out to be coolant temp sensor. Today the car overheated and pretty sure fan didn't kick in,is this all controlled by the cts or am I looking at bigger problems?? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-(
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Poultergeist :)

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