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  1. Hiya guys, Fiesta Mk6 (facelift model) 1.25 duratec engine... last month or so when the cars cold or especially if its damp out it seems my car makes a really strange rattle/knock right after firing up for just a second. I tried to grab it on video... its fine after its been started, drove it for over 3 hours yesterday no problems other than the noise when I started it in the morning: I grabbed a recording here: https://youtu.be/2Q9owbvxUb4 Any ideas what it could be? :(
  2. Dfects

    Fiesta 2007 cold start problems

    Fitted the battery today, fitted fine :) Car seems a little more sprightly when starting, although its not too cold here today. Just wanted to add a follow up in case anyone stumbles across this looking for the same battery as the measurements on euro car parts is wrong.
  3. Dfects

    Fiesta 2007 cold start problems

    Have reserved a replacement already, going to pick it up tomorrow. Went for this (with the 30% off sale): http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Fiesta_1.2_2007/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770637&1&296aed99039e11bb99538806240546579a14b719&000020 Bosch s4, 4 year guarantee with a little more cranking power than stock and is silver calcium. Hoping it fits okay, euro car parts states 212mm but bosch on their site state 207mm... will see tomorrow I guess.
  4. Dfects

    Fiesta 2007 cold start problems

    I've had the car about 6 years now, its a ford battery in there and it was roughly 3 years old when I purchased so guessing its still the factory battery that's about 9 years old. Pretty good going tbh.
  5. Dfects

    Fiesta 2007 cold start problems

    It had 12.40, 14.2ish when running (guessing alternator is doing its job ) and then 12.6 after shutting off. Have just had a 40 Min drive before testing. Not been able to check the droop when cranking as was on my lonesome ATM. Guess at least it tells me it's holding charge, just not if it can deliver the amps it needs to start.
  6. Hiya Last few cold starts my fiesta has struggled to start. Can hear the starter turn but just before it fires into life it gives up often with a clonk or two. Weird thing is, the central locking then makes noise trying to unlock the doors again?! Or could be the windows. Definitely not pressing the unlock button on key lol when warm it starts fine or after a short drive. Thinking it might be battery related? Drawing too much power causing some electrical oddities? It's about 9 years old now and it sits 2-3 days without being driven quite often. Just to add it's a 1.25 petrol
  7. Thanks for the reply :) Took it back this morning as they're not far away. Had it back on the ramp to check for leaks and didn't find anything so they drained the excess and will keep an eye on it next few days.
  8. Hiya, I recently had my fiesta mk6.5 (the facelift one) serviced and had the brake fluid changed. All was fine until I noticed a little puddle under the car. Under further inspection the brake fluid has overflowed from the reservoir and dripped onto the edge of the plastic cam belt cover and onto the floor. I've cleaned it off the best I can now. Should I just drain the excess, or is it worth me taking it back to the mechanics to check it out? The pedals nice and firm just like it was before but hoping they've not overlooked something. Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Dfects :)

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