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  1. funny thing is though, my insurance company agreed with my comment that i didn't need to declare them. Oh well, it was a recorded phone call so my backside is (now) covered LOL
  2. I forgot to inform my insurers about the Amber lights I'd had fitted behind my front grille and in rear window. I panicked slightly when i had to report an accident i had to them (!Removed! BMW drivers) but i explained what they were and what they were for and theh were fine with it. No increase nothing. Mind you, if the BMW driver hadn't taken photos of the front ones i probably still wouldn't have declared them as i was told that, as they don't affect the performance of the car, they don't need to be.
  3. Ok an update ... i got a set of the Team Heko ones for front and back doors. Fitted really easily as everyone said they would and i have not noticed any extra wind noise. The windows all seem to close fully and the car looks pretty good with them on. ☺ Thanks for all your comments.
  4. Well this morning it died, Power Steering failed, ABS and Anti-Skid lights came on all (thankfully) just as we pulled into a mechanics. A quick multimeter check confirmed the battery wasn't charging. New Alternator to be fitted on Monday morning and they've given us a loaner car in the meantime. Thanks to all above for comments :-)
  5. I don't have a multimeter, not that technically minded. Starts 1st time 90% of the time, 2nd time the rest. I'll pop it to Ford in the morning.... that's her xmas present sorted then LOL Thanks :-)
  6. Hello, My missus has just come home and told me her car has the battery warning light on whilst driving and the car is making an "electronic whirring sound" .... Any clues? Am i right in thinking it's more Alternator related than Battery ? If so ... what kind of cost do you think it's going to hit me for?
  7. New Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum, what year/spec is it ?
  8. Oops ignore that LOL the bulletin link is in the OP
  9. Can you send me your email address as i have a copy of the actual bulletin i can send you to take in.
  10. I've emailed Blaupunkt direct who have said that for a flat fee (1/5th the cost quoted by Ford) if I send the unit back to them in Germany they will repair any and all faults as well as upgrade the firmware and software to the latest version. It works out to be approx £300 for them to look at it and about £80 to courier it to them. Their quoted turnround time is 48hrs so it looks like my unit will be off on a trip in December.
  11. Ok update: I've just taken the car to Ford who have confirmed it's an internal fault with the stereo/satnav unit, they've also confirmed no risk of electrical fire (yay !!). They've said to replace the unit isn't cheap and is the best part of £1500 (gulp) but the very helpful guy suggested i try an autoelectrician (yay !!). Phoned said autoelectrician who said that, because it's a combined climate control / entertainment unit it's unlikely they can replace it and Ford "have me over a barrel with that one". I am in no way shelling out £1500 for a new system so ... people of Ford world .... what do you know ? Is it possible to replace the Convers+ unit and keep the climate control system ?
  12. Here's a video of the problem, try to ignore the reflection LOL I'd just got home from work.
  13. Has anyone had a problem with the stereo panel (I.e. screen AND surrounding buttons, incl climate control) intermittently cutting out ? At random times my screen goes completely blank and unresponsive (flashes pink/purple before going black) and the aircon / volume / side option buttons illumination & function disappears. The stereo keeps playing so no sound is lost, if i'm using the satnav the instructions still show and update on the dashboard screen and if i'm using the radio that still plays (although I can't change volume from steering wheel controls when main stereo is having it's hissy fit.) Does anyone have a clue ? 2nd Q ... if I decided to replace the stereo unit for an aftermarket system does anyone know how I can keep the climate control bit ? (Dumb question but in fairness I haven't seen a combined unit on sale anywhere and the fascia block in the car is one piece.)
  14. Stubby Aerial?

    This is the problem really I guess LOL I need a shorter aerial that will still give me excellent signal and not look out of place at the front of the roof.
  15. Stubby Aerial?

    I was thinking more like this due to the aesthetics (and not wanting to look like a twonk) http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=130983978123&alt=web