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  1. I was already subscribed to that thread Lenny. Really good quality guides on there
  2. Hi guys, I've been looking at loads of build threads for inspiration and ideas of what to do so thought I'd start my own :) I've got a Titanium mk2.5 ford focus in moondust silver. Had this for just over a year now and not long started doing little bits here and there to it so here's what I've done so far not in any particular order. - Red led footwell lights, just changed them again to 42 leds. - Festoon interior bulb in red. - Led number plate unit. - Rear windows tinted. - Aluminium heater controls, red. - Steering wheel gel badge, black with red writing. - Back and front gel badges, black with silver writing. - Heko wind deflectors, which got stolen so will have to buy some more - Motorheadzuk sticker on rear window which obviously increases bhp by 250 And last but not least I have a 3D jelly belly air freshener collection hanging on my mirror. That's is so far but have plans for more things to do. I have the ford music box and a USB plate to fit in when I have a spare moment. Looking to wrap roof, get st spoiler which will also be wrapped, zetec s front lower grill which will be sprayed black along with top grill & colour code fog light surrounds.
  3. Puddle Lights

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if these ford kuga puddle lights will fit in the mirror recess of the ford focus mk2.5. https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_kuga_door_mirror_puddle_lamp_rh_2009_f_1675129_c_796.htm Thanks :)
  4. Ford Music Box

    I've just ordered one of those. Going to give it a shot anyway just wondered if anyone had tried it and failed or succeeded. Not sure whether to bother connected the aux part as I've already got it in the glove box. That could be a rainy day project.
  5. Ford Music Box

    Hi guys I have a 2010 titanium mk 2.5 focus. I don't have a factory fitted usb but I'm looking to get a ford music box. Has anyone fitted the box and connected it to the usb plate that can be fitted alongside the heated screen controls. Thanks.
  6. Ford Badge Decals

    That is just what i'm after, thanks :)
  7. I have a mk 2.5 focus and am looking for some gel decals for the ford badges on the steering wheel, badges front and rear. I have seen a few people on various sites but cant seem to find anywhere that does them. I'd like to have a red and black one for the steering wheel and silver and black front and rear ones. Does anyone know where they can be found, ideally in the uk or ship to the uk. Thanks Amie.x
  8. 2002 Tddi Intermittent Starting Problem

    I had a slightly similar problem with my old 2002 focus estate. It was intermittent but a normal turn of the key did nothing, wouldn't start but was able to jump start it. I never solved the problem even after changing spark plugs and leads, I found turning and holding the key would start it, took a couple of seconds but did eventually start. Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010. Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.
  9. Hire Car - Not A Focus!

    I live in the midlands, we have a couple of corsa and insignia unmarked cars but most marked are bmws and insignias. Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010. Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.
  10. Hire Car - Not A Focus!

    A lot of my local police force are Insignias or bmws. Not seen a focus one before. Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010. Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.
  11. Hire Car - Not A Focus!

    When I brought my focus it had to go back a week later for minor bits the garage messed up with. I was given a 63 plate Astra for a couple of days as a hire car. Never again, I'd of been better off with a horse and cart. Horrid car. Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010. Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.
  12. Footwell Lights

    Cheers Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010. Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.
  13. I have a Ford Focus Titanium Mk 2 2010 plate. The car came with footwell lights already in but I'd like to change them to red bulbs to match the dash, does anyone know what type of bulbs they are? Or what i could type into ebay/amazon to get the correct ones. Thanks Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010. Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.
  14. My Car

    My cars, present and previous
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Amie91 :)

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