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  1. 1.5 Petrol AWD …..probably the worst MPG of all the Fords ive owned over the past 8 years.... I'm getting around 28 mpg (according to the onboard comp) and although I have rarely driven it the last few weeks I find everytime I take it out I have to fill up. coming from a 1.0L 2016 Focus EcoBoot I was easily getting 35-40mpg, not to mention it was nippier and more fun to drive..
  2. as above, looking for RELIABLE recommendations for servicing my 2019 Ford Kuga ST Line X. Dealership I used to go to has closed and nearest Ford dealership prices are extortionate. Any recommendations for any around London (or out of London....but not too far out).
  3. haha!... too right.. looks like i'll be picking up one of these this weekend - in Chrome Blue I did spec a new shape Kuga, but with the hydbrid (and spec) works out just under 40k. the stLine X im getting is 2019 at brainer and im sure i'll pickup a hybrid within the next 3-4 years anyway
  4. …..any thoughts on the 2020 kuga model? I personally am not a fan (may grow on me..??) but i'm sure the prices on this model will drop once the new ones released
  5. forgot to include the kit (inc. spoiler) when I last spoke to the dealer, they said they don't have any matching tat spec. would it likely be a differen case going to a different ford dealership (ie do they all pull from the same stock, etc) will speak to the guy later this afternoon so hopefully get somewhere....
  6. apparently, there's a new KUGA 2019 model (not the Hybrid model due soon) that differs from last years models. it's a tad bit wider....or something? ie. the ST-Line X has been replaced by the ST-Line Edition,.... basically want the standard stuff that comes with the ST-Line Edition, or the previous models ST-Line X 19' 5x2 spoke alloys in black - I know the ride is harder but im all about looks lol Pan sunroof nav Bi xenon (not sure what the standard headlights are tbh) Rear cam (defo must have. as its a bigger can and parking on street is terrible....most times the sensors are long beep, but can still see the actual distance) things not so bothered about: keyless, heated seats, kick tailgate thing
  7. Hi All, Looking to p/x my 2016 Titanium X Focus for a new Kuga ST-Line Edition. Went through the spec at the dealership, but with the news that they have now stopped building Kugas to spec I'm a little uneased. The 'new' cars available are those that have been built but not yet registered. I had my heart set on a KUGA ST-Line Edition, but it seems rare to have one with the TECHNOLOGY PACK addition (this includes the rear cam, upgraded sound and bi-xenon lights). Coming from a Titanium X, I love the rear camera. does it seem like such a let down to get on without? the dealer did offer me a better price to compensate but feel unsure. Are the non bi-xenon lights decent? any suggestions?
  8. here it is....excuse the poor pic. Weather here in london hasnt been too great...esp during the day
  9. these are the ones i mean:
  10. thanks. Will look into it when i pickup the car this week. any thoughts on the alloys? my mk3 has th 18" 5 spoke alloys and the mk3.5 has the 18" y-spoke alloys.....havent seen any mk3.5s with the 5 spoke ones, but the salemans at ford said he could put the same ones on IF i wanted....
  11. Hi All, I have just purchased a new 2016 'facelift' (mk3.5) Focus in px with my mk3 2012 Titanium X. First impressions of it are that it does appear to have a few improvements. The centre adjustable cup holders seems to be a nice touch too!. Upon opening the doors and boot I did notice straight away that it seemed much lighter (not sure if 'flimsy' is the right word) in comparison to the previous version. I also noticed that they don’t have the flip-out rubber door guards when opening the doors too. I was a little on the fence as to whether this was a good thing - ie. Cutting costs to make the car lighter, or a bad thing - ie. Less durable. What prompted the though was the fact I had an accident earlier where a driver clipped my car door whilst I was putting in my son in the rear child seat. The result, a loud impact, but hardly any damage…barely a scratch. Im guessing it was down to the durable materials used for the doors? Other than that the new car seems to have every option available that I was missing (nav + rear cam)…everything except a sunroof (which isnt a big issue) I have read a few reviews to suggest the newer facelift model is "possibly the best focus yet". It would be interesting to find out if any other forums users could share their experiences moving from the mk3 to the mk3.5. (anything from interior/exterior, performance in comparison) Any thoughts would be much appreciated?
  12. Hi, Seems to be an intermittent issue, but sometimes when I unlock the car it unlocks the trunk/boot too. I realise when i start to drive off the notification that the boot is open. Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions? usually unlock it by opening the door (not from key fob) ...can't remember if i used the fob when this issue occured last tho..
  13. Hi All, Has anyone had any issues with the rubber around the doors on their Focus? Attached is a photo of mine, which shows it hanging off and sticks out everytime the door is opened. I've got it sorted (they stuck it back with something...glue? resin??) twice now. they dont seem to have a permanent solution for this. any suggestions??
  14. UPDATE:Provisionally signed up (just need to get my credit card from home to finalise :)...seems like a good deal ..for me it's my 1st service and dont know any decent locals...was also advised that i could cancel anytime and be refunded up to the last service (ie. if 11months later i decide to sell the car and cancel before the next service, i would be refunded the amount i paid...with a £30 admin fee...which still works out cheaper)....any thoughts on this?