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  1. Focus 1.8 Tdci Fault Codes

    Unsure on fault codes but mine had the same issues. I put the EGR plate on and it made a huge difference. Still pulled away poorly as replaced the afm on the airbox and now the car is ridiculously quick in first gear. I also upgraded the standard paper air filter and got a green cotton air filter which allowed the turbo to breathe much better
  2. Engine Systems Fault After Egr Blank

    My Egr is blanked and the EML took about 300 miles to go out. Best cheap mod you can do
  3. Electrical Fault

    Just an update.. The car now starts... fuse controlling the cluster blew so swapped that. Rear lights and side lights now work after replacing a different fuse that blew. Now i just need to work out the new plate lights.. 3 fuses have blown on this so there must be a fault somewhere in the wiring
  4. Electrical Fault

    I did check both connections and they were plugged in properly. Now it won't start lol.. How can a broken fuse cause this...
  5. Electrical Fault

    Just to add..Indicators and break lights are working
  6. Electrical Fault

    Evening all, My mk2 57 plate 1.8tdci has developed an electrical fault. Both rear number plate bulbs were not lit when the lights were on (only 6 weeks old). I checked the fuse which was a 7.5 and it had blown so i put a new one in. Switched the lights on expecting it to be fixed and now i don't have rear tail lights no number plate lights, the front side lights don't work and the speedo and heating lights not longer light up. My Hids 8k work and full beam and fog lights work. A little confused... I've checked all fuses which are ok.. Could it be a relay? Any advice would be appreciated
  7. I have a mk2 grill for sale £20 mk2 upper internal grill £10 Glove box and lid £20 Items are located in Farnborough Hants. These are genuine ford parts
  8. Interior

    Thanks for the replies. I will look into getting it wrapped as I don't fancy taking the complete dash out
  9. Interior

    Thanks for the replies. Ideally i want to try and keep everything as it is and just try and repair the damage if there is a way
  10. Interior

    Can anyone recommend a way to repair my interior dash. The cats cage has caused scratching to the plastic around the glovebox. I have attached a picture
  11. Induction Kit Issue.

    Thats interesting... my maf sensor was faulty 3 months ago and i purchased a new one and the car was fine. Confused.com but at least it works lol.
  12. Induction Kit Issue.

    It was £55 from an eBay shop, i can't remember the seller
  13. Induction Kit Issue.

    I have a green cotton filter and kept the standard airbox in and it works great
  14. I fitted a green cotton filter to a 1.8 tdci. Engine felt more responsive and quicker off the mark. Mine was 55 pounds and i clean it every 3 months to keep it free from leafs and debris. It will pay for itself in the long run as its 1 item on your service you don't need to replace.
  15. Sounds like your clutch is slipping, so its on the way out. It will get worse before eventually it goes completely