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  1. Happy Birthday josh.smith94!

  2. Which Wind Deflectors For Mk7

    Which are the better wind deflectors for the mk7 3 door team heko or climair ? cheers
  3. Machine Polishing

    Hi guys does anyone know anywhere in Basildon or Essex when you can get a full machine polish done cheers
  4. What is the best type of steering wheel lock for a mk7 and are there any other good security features that I can fit. Too many fiesta are getting stolen from my area
  5. Speakers In A Metal

    Does anyone know of the top of their head what the front passenger speakers are in a fiesta metal with standard head unit ? If I know one knows ill be able to find out on Wednesday I want to upgrade the speakers, nothing to crazy just something with a bit better quialty, what do you guys recommend ?
  6. Sill Kick Plates.

    Do you think they would do custom lettering on them ? might have to give them a call tomorrow
  7. Noob Needing Help.

    I have two things I need help with as im a complete noive when it comes to car parts firstly I need to change my front break pads, do I only need to by the pads or are there any other clips or anything else I need, I wont be fitting them myself don't worry lol second of all, I think once of my speaks have blow in the drivers side door, when I come to replacing speaks is it just a swap with clips or am I going to have to change the head unit, because I was thinking of upgrading all the speakers cheers
  8. Estimate Powder Coating Price

    Ive got them done throught a family friend for £20
  9. Estimate Powder Coating Price

    I have two roof bars i want powder coating black one is 1m long and 15cm in diameter and the second is 94cm and 15cm in diameter Has anyone got a rough idea on how much it will be to get it done
  10. Metal Questiosn

    Cheers, if it is only parts i will have to resist buying more lol
  11. Metal Questiosn

    Just rung the dealership and he has no idea, and there is nothing in the paper work, im only a half hour drive from Mountune HQ, i might pop down there and get them to see
  12. Metal Questiosn

    As i only got the car yesterday ive not had a huge look around but i did notice the mountuned silicon hose and the k&n filter
  13. Metal Questiosn

    Hi Ive just bought my first ford and pick it up yesterday, When it comes to cars im clueless, but now i want to learn. With the fiesta metal, does it come with a Mountune upgrade kit on it ? Does anyone also know a good places for window tinting in the Essex area ?
  14. Best Place To Buy New Badges

    I have a 2012 metal, i want to change the badges to black and chrome, does anyone have any recommend places to buy them Thanks
  15. Hi, Im New Here!

    thanks, I cant wait, Wish friday was here already.