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  1. Overheating problem

    Yes the temp guage is right up, it happens all the time regardless of standing idling, driving in normal traffic conditions or driving it hard. Under normal driving conditions it'll hit top of guage within about 10 mins. I've had the radiator system all flushed out so that should be ok. I've had all my sensors checked and they're all good only thing left to change is pressure cap as soon as i can get a geniune one.
  2. Escort GTI - Help needed

    Thanks for the help, i'll give them both a go and see how i get on
  3. Escort GTI - Help needed

    Thanks guys
  4. Escort GTI - Help needed

    Yes no cracks
  5. Escort GTI - Help needed

    Unfortunately no longer got the original one, although the one thats in now is a genuine part
  6. Escort GTI - Help needed

    Yes, kicks in just before it tips into the red and brings it back down to about 3/4 on temp gauge. Since having new thermostats (its had 3 lately) temp gauge sits middle to 3/4 up whereas original one never moved from the cold unless on the rare occasion sat in tonnes of traffic. Totally confused with whats up.
  7. Escort GTI - Help needed

    Changed thermostat, water pump and had head gasket done but still overheating. Water appears to be circulating properly, any ideas what else could be causing her to overheat?
  8. Overheating problem

    Anyone have any idea why it keeps overheating? Changed water pump, thermostat 3 times, just had head gasket done everything looks to be working right, water circulating ok but still overheating, at a loss as to whats wrong! Any ideas?
  9. Newbie

    Lol can't part with her, she's a fab car
  10. Newbie

    Thanks guys
  11. Newbie

    Hi, i'm Lisa and really new to this. I've been driving my baby for 14 years, she's an escort gti
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Lisashortstuff :)

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