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  1. Steering Is Gone Very Heavy

    Hey James, It is working but it's heavy. On a bad road it seems heavier with every bend and after an hour or that driving it isn't a lot of fun. On some occasions it's ok or even good, but mostly its just plain heavy. I can hear the power steering pump or whatever it is at full lock, so its working at some level, just not enough. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey all, The power steering on my TDC1 2005 mondeo has been very heavy for about a year now. It wasn't great before hand. It may be the pump I'm not sure? Is there any quick fix for this?
  3. Hey all, My Ford 6000 CD has been acting up, it's whining/humming when I play CD's and now even when the radio is on. Any thoughts on this? Best regards, Tommy C.
  4. My ford 6000 CD is making a whining Humming noise, it seems to be mainly when it plays Cds but it can remain when just the radio is on?

  5. Mondeo 115 Remap

    I don't want anyone to guarantee anything. I would be appreciative of a well-rounded viewpoint on the potential pros and cons. I have taken on board your perspective which was a very common sense like approach with mechanical merit. Like everything however, there are two ways of looking at things and I am no expert so I have to weigh up the two options and ask further questions in attempting to ascertain the potential benefits and detriments of each in order to make some sort of an informed decision.
  6. Mondeo 115 Remap

    I understand Bhp is an almost obsolete term, but just for the sake of reference
  7. Mondeo 115 Remap

    Thanks for that. So in essence perhaps remapping or chipping my car up to 140 bhp (no more) may not cause more harm than good. I drive at the speed limit; sometimes a little bit over (not a nutter or anything). I really want to make it a bit more interesting. its a great car it deserves a bit of a kick. I'd really only use the power for an overtake and just to know it's there is what I am after. I was thinking surely I couldn't do too much harm to the injectors, DMF, turbo etc?
  8. Mondeo 115 Remap

    I have heard the same. I'll wait until there's a few more miles on the clock before changing. Thanks again.
  9. Mondeo 115 Remap

    Hey all, I was hoping someone could tell me is it safe to remap a 2005 mondeo 115ps LX. It has just under 150,000 miles, the injectors and DMF aren't giving any trouble, they appear fine. I am hoping to get it up to 140-150. Is this advisable? Best regards, TommyC115
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums TommyC115 :)

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