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  1. Help Please

    Thanks Ade, I have ordered a new fuse box & spoken to a local auto electrician & the key is coded to the module inside the fuse box. Total repair will cost £400.
  2. Help Please

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site & need your help, I am a plant fitter by trade & know my way around cars ( a bit ) I have a 55 plate focus that's doing very odd things, 1st thing is when the cars cold it starts OK but the headlights flash & when its running for the first 10 seconds the dash gauges flicker, 2nd thing is when its hot, when i try to start it says engine systems fault & i can hear a relay chattering in the fuse box on the passengers side, but there's no fault codes in the error log, & its a sod to start, I have had the fuse box out & took the lid off & there's been water in there & showing signs of corrosion on various fuse holders & pins, Has anybody had this or heard of this & if i change the fuse box do i need to get the ignition key recoded to the new fuse box, Cheers Paul
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