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  1. Welcome to the forum. Ford will do it ~£400. You can get the fob on eBay and go to an independent which you should expect ~£150
  2. When I drive in town I get 35-38 mpg. When on motorway doing 70-75mph I get around 58 mpg
  3. I've remapped mine with Quantum tuning. I went for a mix of power and torque, more bias to power. The turbo turns on almost instantly at higher rpm than before which means you'll fell much more pull. After ~2800 rpm the rpm needle on the dash definitely moves faster, which I assume it's the result of more air pumped into the engine. One thing that won't happen is when you have your foot down at ~1600 rpm on stock map, the turbo will eventually kick in at full boost. With a remap it's using the turbo at even ~1300 rpm. Fuel consumption will go up, trip says I'm doing 58 mpg average compared to stock 53-55 mpg. It's a good investment. Either go to quantum tuning or buy a tuning box from BlueSpark at £125 on their eBay page or £149 on their website. They have 30 money back guarantee which I've used before on another car. Excellent customer service.
  4. Best thing to do is remove the key from your ignition and try to plug it in somewhere. If some error shows on dash then you should run diagnostics and find what it is. But if nothing happens then well done you've found an unplugged cable :)
  5. Hi Gentlemen, I need to find my engine code to get some parts. I cannot seem to find it. I've found a code on the left side on a white sticker but that's not it. I have searched the this forum and others with no results yet, people have mentioned it but nobody has a clue where it is. I'm hoping the pro's here will know. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.
  6. As far as I can feel, there isn't any gear slippage, I do sometimes feel a slight loos of power when the engine is really hot or the weather is really hot. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Just to make clear, it's not a grinding noise or whirring. It's like metal knocking on each other. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Hi, For the past 3 days I've had my clutch knocking, it happens only first thing in the morning, when I press the clutch pedal the sound goes away, but when I release the clutch pedal it comes back, this happens until my engine reaches its optimal temperature. It only happens when the car is cold. It can't be the engine oil, (all the parts knocking) I've changed the oil 2000 miles ago and have oil additives to prevent wear on cold starts. I'm certain it's something in the drivetrain. Any experiences? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Quantum Tuning are UK wide, they're good, cost should be £200. Alternatively you can buy a tuning box which will do the same thing from Bluespark Automotive for £150. I personally had a Golf done by quantum tuning, Octavian done by quantum tuning, Corsa 1.7 tuning box from Bluespark, Mondeo with Tuning box from Bluespark and my dad has a tuning box from Bluespark on his 5 series. A remap and a tuning box are the same, just choose the cheapest option to be honest. The only time you should do you remap is on a dyno and if you've got mods. It will fix the flat spot, I remember having a flat spot on my Golf FSi it got fixed. And if doesn't you can send your tuning box back to Bluespark with a 28 day no quibble return. Let me know if you've got any concerns! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Usually unless there is a well known issue with the engine map(which I assume what you mean) they do update the engine map, however, software updates for entertainment systems are pretty common to have many iterations. Simply getting a remap elsewhere will cure the flat spot, increase performance and economy. My 2.0 TDCi Mondeo MK4 had a very slight judder when doing 80+ mph full throttle, a remap fixed this. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Blue smoke indicates oil leaking into the cylinders and burning. Black smoke indicates a lot of oil being burnt. White steam indicates coolant leak this steam dissipates very quickly and exhaust gas should smell a little sweet. White smoke is air in the fuel, this most often is seen in cold temperatures, living in Sweden for around 7 years made this a common and normal sighting. If the smoke stops or reduces significantly during your engines ideal operating temperature means you don't have to worry. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. My Octavia TDi had those symptoms, it was a split intercooler pipe.
  13. Replaced the o rings on all the leak off valves, car is perfect again!
  14. Fixed the problem, it was quite straight forward, replaced the o rings on all the leak off valves, car is perfect again, took around 30 minutes.
  15. No problem, we're all a big family! I believe that the website you're using is wrong, I however just checked a website that refers to your paint as "colorado red", this website is correct in regards to my colour "T" for my Mondeo. Here it is No idea why the website you've used is different. General rule is what's on your chassis is always right! Hope it clears things?