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  1. Mondeo 53 Rear Brake Caliper Seized

    Removes at the caliper. You will need to bleed the brakes after. I would do all 4 as the fluid should be changed every couple of years anyway. Start with the caliper nearest the brake servo and work away.
  2. What Could You Share?

    http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/58863-mondeo-mk4-rear-trailing-arm-bush-tool-for-hire/#entry383076 Special tool for changing the bushes on the rear trailing arms mk4 mondeo etc.
  3. Just had to replace the rear trailing arm bushes in my mk4 mondeo. Dealer quoted nearly £700! Decided it would be better to spend £400 on the tool as the bushes were only £70 for decent ones. Makes it possible to do the job on the car without having to remove the arm so no need to have the tracking done or bleed the brakes after etc. Also removes the risk of bending/twisting the arm (which will mess your steering right up) that you run when trying to burn the bushes out or wacking it with a bit of pipe etc. Basically it's the bolts on the bush, lower shock bolt, one bolt on the lower control arm then pull the arm down, use the special tool to push the bush out then push the new one in. If you have acess to a ramp you could probably even do the job without taking the wheel off! Anyway, the tool is now available to hire if anybody else needs it. £55 for 10 days. Price includes delivery by carrier. £200 deposit required (PayPal is fine) and you cover the cost of returning or I can arrange carrier collection for an additional £15. The only other tools you need are standard sockets (upto 19mm) a hex key and a 1/2" breaker bar with a 16mm socket may be useful for pressing the old bushes out if they are rusty. Can hire these as well if needed. Can also supply new oem bushes at trade rate if you want some proper ones. Collection from somerset also welcome!
  4. Mondeo 53 Rear Brake Caliper Seized

    Most likely that the seal over the piston has split and the piston has rusted up. In that case an exchange caliper from ford is your best bet. Worth checking it though. If the cover has not split it might be worth taking the pads out, wind the piston all the way back in, the hand brake leaver on the back of the caliper should now move by hand (very springing though). If not you will need to strip the whole caliper to clean/check it. If it does move pull it back and disconnect the cable from the caliper. Pull the handbrake on (from inside the car) and the cable should go in. Then let it off and make sure it comes back out by itself to check for sticking in the sheath.
  5. Mk4 Lower Grill Surround

    I replaced one on my 2008. Most of the clips broke when I took it out. Use 2 old credit cards to push behind the trim then wedge a screwdriver in between them, stops you scratching the paint on the bumper. Was under £30 I think. Only problem was the upper one now looks old and tatty in comparison.
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