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  1. C-Max Dead

    Hmm, it doesn't give much info. It's a Tungstone Titanium part no 100. From looking around the web it's hard to get specifics on that model, but the range has definitely got calcium in there, but probably lead antimony rather than silver. Assuming it's the wrong type, do you know if this will be a matter of it having gone dead gradually while not in use (last driven 5 days ago, but opened and closed much more frequently), and so we should be able to jump start it, drive around a bit, and get it changed at our leisure, or will it have just conked completely? Thanks for the help, Chris
  2. C-Max Dead

    Not sure about the type. Is there an easy way to check?
  3. C-Max Dead

    A bit more info: - A new battery was put in about 4 months ago - I didn't get a chance to note the pattern of flashing from the red LED
  4. C-Max Dead

    Hi all, 2004 C-Max diesel. Couldn't get anything to work this morning. Approaching the car, the remote lock didn't work. Opening it manually was possible. When the key first went in, the LED screen said -60 degrees, and the red LED in the middle was flashing, but the engine wouldn't start. Thought I heard a clicking sound from the direction of the gear box. Tried the key again, then time some more flashing, and trembling of some dials, but nothing else. Now I get absolutely nothing. I thought about the immobiliser (the locks and keys were replaced recently since someone stole the originals), but from what I've read I think that even then the car should be a bit more 'alive' Any ideas? Chris
  5. Stolen Keys

    Thanks for all the help (Lenny especially). I've disabled the remote and am ringing around now for reprogramming the immobiliser. There's not a fairly simple way to do this myself too, is there?
  6. Stolen Keys

    Thanks for the help so far. Just to clarify - if I do the resync routine as described above, but without having any key fob to pair with the car, how will I know it has forgotten the old one? Will it beep again as the allowed time for pairing expires or something similar? Ta
  7. Stolen Keys

    Hi all, Recently had my remote control key for my Focus C-Max stolen in a burglary (still got the simple one). We moved the car away from the car park at our place because we figured the guy could come and find out which one it was very easily, and are currently working out our options for staying secure, and would appreciate your thoughts. Here's our options as we see them: 1/ Replace all the lock barrels and remote. Totally secure, but we're told it needs to be done at Ford garage, and will be very pricey (it's not worth our while invoking the insurance for this) 2/ Deactivate the remote control, or get a new re-programmed one, and use a steering wheel lock in case he enters using the physical key. Is it possible to do the deactivation/code change ourselves, or can it be done cheaply at a non-Ford garage? Obviously this is less secure, but the police are on to the guy, and if nothing works with the remote there's a good chance he might not have time to try the physical key on every Ford in the car park anyway. Many thanks for the help, Chris
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Chris Serpell :)

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