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  1. possible Coolant leak

    Hello everyone, I noticed a couple days ago that my coolant in my 1L ecoboost was about an inch below minimum. My car is a 16plate, done about 28,000 miles so I don't understand what it could be. Called ford and explained and they've booked it in under warranty for Monday. The engine isn't overheating, but the coolant tank is bubbling after I shut the car down (I am trying to ignore what i've read on the internet about that ) anyone else experienced this?
  2. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    I hate to bring up an old thread, but here I am doing it again. I have a 16plate, zetec s focus. 1L 125hp. What is the success rate for people doing this, as its the only thing I miss having. I don't have a windows laptop so if anyone in the reading/Berkshire area wants to make some quick dolla and help me out I would really appreciate it. thank you
  3. Haunted focus

    Ok, so something quite odd just happened Can't sleep so I got up to have a cig (bad habit i know) and when returning upstairs I notices a LED light was shining through the door window. I had a look out and I could only see the left hand side of my focus. My LED running / parking lights were on. Thinking I may have just left the switch on when leaving the car I grabbed my keys and opened the door. Only the left side was on. Thinking the worst about the price of those LEDS I quickly unlocked the car. Luckily and too my surprise the right hand side lit up when I unlocked the car. However, when I checked the light switch, it was set to off. Now I am really confused. Upon locking the car, all the lights went off. However I will check it again in an hour to see if this returns. Only had the car since June. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  4. Mk 3 sync frozen

    update: Problem returned morning after. Its not going into ford to be dealt with
  5. Mk 3 sync frozen

    Problem solved I shouldn't have doubted removing the battery, worked a charm Hope this helps anyone else.
  6. Mk 3 sync frozen

    Hello everyone So my dad has the pre-facelift estate. I think its a 2014. Not sure what sync it has (hasn't got the nice screen like mine) but its a titanium speck so has navigation and all that. Its a sony head unit. anyway the other day it froze and was stuck on a radio station. Volume worked but no response from any other buttons including the wheel buttons. I have tried every button to try and fix this and its not working, not even the voice command. Thinking it could be a fuse issue I removed the fuze for the head unit, which restarted it thinking this would do the trick. However it didn't work and now we are unable to turn even turn it on. So I found the fuse for the buttons themselves and that didn't solve the issue either. What is even more strange is the door lock button still works and the hazard still work, but anything to do with the infotainment system does not (apart from the volume) So right now I am at a loss. I am thinking maybe removing the negative lead on the battery and forcing a reset but I do have my doubts about that. Any help would be much appreciate Ta
  7. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but any updates? I am interested to see if this works! Ta
  8. Audio Quality

    Thank you for all the replies After reading this and speaking with colleagues, I think I might change the speakers and add sound proofing. How would I go about doing this myself? And what speakers should I be buying. When I looked at changing them on my fiesta I think an adapter plate was needed? Thanks Matthew
  9. Audio Quality

    Hello Sorry if this thread has already been done. I traded in my 15 plate fiesta zetec s for a 16 plate focus zetec s (not st-line as they are now called) Although it is the facelift. After some thought, I've come to think that the speakers are not as good as the fez, but I can't tell if its just my imagination. I assumed because it was a bigger car with a better headunit that the audio would at least match the fiesta. Does anyone else think this, and how do I go about sorting it? Cheers
  10. Navigation enabling on sync 2

    Thank you
  11. Navigation enabling on sync 2

    Hey everyone. I am sorry, I know this thread must have been done so many times now. I just picked up my zetec s focus under the impression it had satnav, the car i was shown at first did have it and the one I ended up buying did not even though I was under the impression they were a like for like. Anyway I asked the dealer to enable it and got the speech about a different loom and head-unit being needed (which I'm sure isn't the case) If anyone knows how to do it, or could do it for me for the ££. I would be really appreciative. I live near reading but I am willing to travel. Thank you Matt
  12. Team Heko Spares

    Dammit. If anyone could point me in the right direction for some 5door mk7 deflectors it would be appreciate. I've taken the rear one off too so now they are only on the right side of the car, looks dumb but I'll use the drivers one on the way back. Besides car already looks stupid with the fooken kayak on the roof. Cheers fellas
  13. Team Heko Spares

    I know this is a shot in the dark as whole kits are hidden enough but I'm looking for a replacement for my left front door. I did a big drive down to Plymouth with a kayak in the roof and I tucked the strap into the window as usual, opened the door forgetting and a little bits cracked off. Going to remove it for the 200 mile drive home as I don't want it flying of and hitting something/someone If it comes to it I guess i will just have to buy the whole set again Cheers Matt
  14. It's illegal to change the type of headlight in a car. Your fiesta has halogen bulbs so putting any other type of bulb in is illegal. Halogen for halogen. Also, as you have a standard model fiesta you don't have the projection type headlamps so those HIDS will dazzle people. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  15. Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

    The recirc button makes all the difference in my fiesta Sent from my iPad using Ford OC