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  1. cheers for the advice, I'll try and get one sorted soon.
  2. I've tried swapping all the relays what I could find and I've unplugged all the cables from the internal box checked the connections on them. I read a different topic on here and they had to change the internal box, so that going to be my next plan of attack.
  3. Apparently there is no seperate relays on them from 06 upwards, someone mentioned that the full internal fuse box needs replaced.
  4. I've checked for water and checked all the relays in the engine fuse box, there is no relays I can see on the internal one. My head is battered trying to figure this out. I think a trip to an auto electrian is on the cards.
  5. I've got a mk2 1.6tdci focus estate and my wipers won't switch off, they only go off when I take fuse out. I've changed the stalk and checked all the connections, they seemed fine to me. I got advice that there is no seperate relaysfor the front wipers, so im abit stuck. Can anyone give me advice before I go to an auto electrian? would be appreciated.
  6. I've got an 07 1.6tdci and my wipers will not switch off. I've changed the stalk and check the connections, they are all fine. Can anyone give advice before I go to an auto electrian?