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  1. Had fan belt replaced but still have issues.

    Thanks going to have a look at it now
  2. Had fan belt replaced but still have issues.

    Is the bcm the one under the bonnet or under the glove box? Kind regards josh.
  3. Had fan belt replaced but still have issues.

    I never disconnected the battery but when it came back from the garage it was asking for the radio code so I would guess that they did disconnect it , I'm gona stop by there on my way back from work
  4. Had fan belt replaced but still have issues.

    Thanks for getting back to me mate, it isn't the engine temp gauge is just the general temp gauge, I checked my fuses and they seem ok I also replaced the electric window one to see if they would work I will check the bcm like you said, and the connector units if I can find lol, the bloke who fixed my fan belt and hose said he will have a look one evening this week or plug his machine in. Thanks for ur input
  5. I guys I just had the fan belt and power steering hose replaced on my 05 focus , however the temperature gauge, aircon, window wiper button and electric Windows, says my bonnet is open and frost light has come on all in the time my belt went and I put it in the garage anybody experienced any of this? kind regards josh.
  6. Clutch Fluid Leaking On Drive.

    Do you think 55.000 is way to soon for anything like that to happen?
  7. Fuel Computer Data Error

    Nice one guys
  8. Clutch Fluid Leaking On Drive.

    About 55.000 sounds reasonable I supose
  9. Ford Focus Mk2.5 1.8Tdci Problems

    I shall have to get the fuel sender unit fixed along with clutch and slave
  10. Clutch Fluid Leaking On Drive.

    Sounds about right do you think im going to be paying about £900 ?
  11. Hydraulic clutch fluid leaking under car on to drive way, have to keep toppiing up resevoir every couple of days when computer sends me an alert and harder to get in gear.
  12. Best To Get Things Done At Ford?

    I will have to bite the bullet lol
  13. Ford Focus Mk2.5 1.8Tdci Problems

    Just done the test again. dtc #01 9202
  14. Best To Get Things Done At Ford?

    Thanks for the advice sonic I dont doubt that the ford guys are top mechanics just bit of a kick in the teeth got so many things wrong with my car need to replace clutch (and leak that is emptying my hydraulic clutch fluid) , something wrong with fuel reader sensor and some other problem that I don't know what it is but would cost a lot with ford.
  15. Ford Focus Mk2.5 1.8Tdci Problems

    Pretty sure I read It right i shall check asap, do you have any idea why it won't start until that whining electrical sound engages could it be a loose conection or problem with the starter motor? Or would it have trouble starting everytime and not just the last 4 mornings consecutively?