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  1. Help Radio Code Needed

    Thanks to all guess I'll have to see how much my local ford dealer likes me lol Thanks Lee
  2. Help Radio Code Needed

    Hi to all can anybody out there help me out please im after a radio code a focus s max after suffering a flat battery MODEL Single cd - KW2000 Serial No V226569 any help with this would be much appreciated Thanks Lee
  3. Fiesta Hazard Switch Help Needed

    A quick update to anybody who my be interested in this topic an to those guys who have help me thanks again. This was taken from the mot testing and inspection manual vosa The hazard warning lamp 'tell tale' may be a separate light or the same as the indicator 'tell tale' However, it must be a flashing light There you go 100% proof that the guy who failed my mot was wrong on this
  4. Fiesta Hazard Switch Help Needed

    Anyone else who sees this and if you own a mk6 fiesta pre face lift or a focus around 99-2004 could I please ask you when you get a spare min or next time your in your car (but not while driving) safety first lol to test your hazard switch to see if it flashes when you turn it on an let me know what you find thanks in advance Lee
  5. Fiesta Hazard Switch Help Needed

    The only bulb in there is the tiny led that is soldered to the circuit board which you can see as soon as you open up the switch an this led is just to light the switch up at night. I now also spoke to a ford mot tech who has also said that as long as the green arrows on the clocks flash then it will pass an mot so I will take it back tomorrow an see if I can get my mot
  6. Fiesta Hazard Switch Help Needed

    I took the car to an other mot place today an they agreed with me that the mot place that failed it are wrong and the hazard switch does not flash thank you so much Matt1981 for your replays an all your help
  7. Fiesta Hazard Switch Help Needed

    Thanks for your reply matt the green arrows on the clocks do flash its just the switch doesn't but like I said I don't think its suppose to but I will look into the relay. I do a bit of work on cars an would like to fix this myself if its broken if not then will have to pay some an don't think it will be cheap
  8. Fiesta Hazard Switch Help Needed

    checked all the fuses behind the glove box an found heated window fuse had blown replaced that but nothing. When I turn the headlights on the switch lights up as normal with all other dash lights so the little led in there is working the more I ask about the more I think its not supposed to flash but I really don't know for sure
  9. Can somebody please help before I lose my mind I have a fiesta 1.4 zetec 0n a 02 plate that has just failed the mot on a few things (nothing major) but one of those things is Hazard warning tell tale not working correctly. So basically when you turn the hazards on everything works but the switch itself does not flash. So I went to the local breakers an picked up 4 replacement switches just to be sure of getting 1 that worked an guess what non of them would flash either. so far I have checked 5 other makes of cars an non of there hazard switches flash when there hazards are on either Are the hazard switches supposed to flash on this model? has anybody else had this problem? if so how do I fix it? any help on this would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Lee
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