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  1. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Hi All My car went in at 8am today and at lunch time was told that ford has halted the recall as the PCM update has caused other problems, according to other owners that have had the work done and until they are sorted they are holding off. They will contact me when its ready.
  2. Electric Window Reset After Battery Change

    Hi Michael Regarding your window problem I just followed the instructions in the hand book, it did take me half a dozen times until it worked right. I have also being thinking of an ecu upgrade are you able to re install your original settings ? what engine do you have ?
  3. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Thanks a lot Wilco for the info.
  4. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Can anyone tell me what exactly is fitted ? eg new expansion bottle and degas pipe
  5. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Hi all I've just checked my car and it's due the mod as well, I've booked it in and the guy on reception said he's only just here of it and it's a 10 hour job they want my car for two days so they can see what's involved as my car is their first one.
  6. LED brake light bulbs

    Hi Richard I have a mk3 focus and just a week ago fitted a pair of Vanssi 1156 ba15s Led bulbs 6000k white. They are great.
  7. Your battery is low

    Thanks guys for your help I'll try cleaning the terminals. I had my car winter checked a few weeks ago and the battery and alternator are fine.
  8. Your battery is low

    Hi All Can anyone help, I have a mk3 focus and the dash display said the remote control battery is low so I put a new Duracell battery in. The remote works fine but the dash display keeps saying the battery is low. Is there some sort of reset I have to do ?
  9. Brake Advice

    Hi Andrew I have the titanium x 1.6 ecoboost and I replaced the standard pads with EBC Green stuff pads they develop less dust and stop you quicker. I think there great.
  10. speaker test

    In test mode it sends a single tone through each speaker in the car to confirm each one is working. That is what I've seen, but I,m unable to find as yet the correct buttons to press for the test on my Sony radio.
  11. speaker test

    Thanks Stoney but that does not work either. Darren I believe on yours you need to press/ hold SKIP,FORWARD and EJECT to enter test mode
  12. speaker test

    Thanks for your reply Stoney. I have just tried that but nothing happens.
  13. speaker test

    Hi All Can anyone tell me if there is a speaker test for the sony radio in my focus mk3 as there is in the mk3.5 focus ?
  14. Voice control

    Thanks very much Wilco for the info . it seems a bit backward as it was available in the old system.
  15. Voice control

    Hi Chris Thanks for the reply Ive tried saying Climate but the system says it does not recognise the command.