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  1. I was thinking of going back to ECP and getting the Lucas 105A unit
  2. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    The car ain't been a problem for 3 days soo I'm not gonna ***** about with the sender unit or filter, but I might check the fuel lines underneath, hoses for leaks and do a leak off test on the injectors.
  3. Going to bump this with my Alternator problem. Ive a Focus MK1.5 2003 1.8 TDCI Ghia Estate, in August the battery light stated to come on so I put a multimeter on while idling, 10v Reading so I knew that the alt needed replacing, went to ECP got a Remy 90A unit with 33% off swapped it over with the original denso 90A unit, all fine until I put front heated windscreen and then the battery light comes up, full load, big NO, with the multimeter I'm getting a 11v reading. The volts always drop when the heated windscreens front/back are on, It has a new silver calcium battery aswell Any ideas.
  4. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    I've the focus 1.5 estate tdci ghia. Do you meen the sender unit on top of fuel tank
  5. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    The long version: I've had the car in the my garage unused for 3 years until may 2017. I decided to get the car running and start using it so a mechanic friend suggested I replace the diesel filter as they can turn to gel, so got a crossland one brimed it up, got the car running, all perfect, but then a few days later it wouldn't start so we took the pipes off brimed it up again, used a couple of rubber o rings on the ports and all fine at end of may. But then in November it cut out all of a sudden when i accelerated in a side road from start, tryed cranking a few times then away it went, on the half mile drive home I kept the revs low, but on my driveway i accelerated to 3,500 revs then it died on de acceleration, went to the mate he suggested I should try bleeding by cracking the heads, did that all worked fine no problems until 19 December, on that day I took my grandmother shopping, took a few short journeys went into lidl hour later came out wouldn't start, cracked heads then cranked it many times took 40 mins but got it running fine. Similar things have happened with it cutting out. On one time recent I had just put 30L fuel in , accelerated 200Meters down road, died, I just spun it over and away it went. I've had 8-12 incendents of it happing over 2 months. Cos of the problems I decided to replace the filter last Friday, I bought a new Bosch one, fitted it, brimed it up, away it went fine had the car idle for 5 mins then it cut out, no start, so back to cracking the heads, but no the filter was dry, so had to take the pipes off and brim it up again and got it running again. I have thought about getting a hand primer pump/bulb, but I'm not sure where it would go.
  6. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    Going to bump this cos the skinny: my focus mk1.5 1.8tdci has been cutting out with air getting into the system thru the fuel filter and I'm having to bleed by cracking the nuts of the injectors and running it then tightening up, its a pain when it cuts out on the A12. Note: all 4 injectors were fully reconditioned 6 months ago. Help
  7. Which Amp Alternator For Focus 1.8 Tdci

    I went from denso to REMY
  8. Starter motor trouble

    I was having problems with my starter, a few turns of nothing and clicking(relay?) I went to ECP got a new(MTX) one online with 30% discount.
  9. Which Amp Alternator For Focus 1.8 Tdci

    Interesting as I'm having alternator problems, replaced with a new 90Amp to 90Amp unit, o.k until I have front and rear heated windows switched on then battery light comes on, volts drop to 11volts and it automatically switches the front one off. I'm thinking of putting a 120Amp unit on. On a mk1.5 1.8TDCi Ghia.
  10. Focus MK1 Rear wiper upgrade - MK2 ??

    No MK2 wiper arms will not fit on a MK1, the spindles on the linkage is a different size and pitch. Found out the hard way.
  11. 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Ink cruise control

    I was told cruise control was available on 1.8 tdci Ghia
  12. Red or yellow calipers

    I think yellow looks best but on yours colour coded would be it
  13. Speaker Recommendation

    What is a bugger is trying to fit 6x9 in a mk1 focus
  14. Tow Bar Fitting to 1.8 Estate (2001)

    Wiring diagram?