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  1. Thanks for your reply Stef, much appreciated. I'll just have to book it in and let them investigate further. Do you have any thoughts on why this should happen after they'd done the MOT, Service, rocker cover gasket etc? Perhaps it is just unfortunate timing.
  2. Hello, First time poster here and I'm after some advice... basically my 2002 Focus (1.6L) has started leaking oil after a visit to the garage for a service, MOT and replacement rocker cover gasket. The garage also replaced a faulty breather hose. The rocker cover gasket had been knackered a while so I decided to get it sorted. Up to this point however, I never saw a single drop of oil on my driveway. The day after the MOT etc I noticed a puddle of oil on my drive. I took my car back to the garage and they tightened the nuts a bit more. Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. The car went back in to the garage today and they claim the leak isn't coming from the gasket. Having checked myself tonight with the help of a knowledgeable neighbour, I am inclined to believe them. The leak appears to be coming from the drivers side of the engine and is dripping from the bottom part of the timing belt cover, My neighbour took the top part of the timing belt cover off and the belt itself has no oil on it. I'm not sure where the leak is coming from. It's definitely not coming from the oil filter or sump plug. The garage insist it's nothing they've done, but it's an unlikely coincidence that the leak should start the day after they worked on it. I'd be grateful for any advice you guys might have. I guess I'm after an idea of what's causing the leak and whether it could be a result of the work the garage did? Many thanks in advance. Rob
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums rob_b :)

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