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  1. Ford Sync Track Order From Usb

    my SYNC doesn't play "folder after folder" at all - it only plays one folder and then repeats playback from the first track; same with playlists. but this is not the problem. the problem is that there is no possibility to play tracks in their numerical order.
  2. Ford Sync Track Order From Usb

    lol, i've even tried ordering them with abc instead of 123!! but come on... all my collection is ordered like this (see screenshot), i don't imagine how else one can keep a collection. Single click on the file and then edit the track number at the bottom of the window.Right click the file to rename the track with the number prefix. thank you for trying to help, but it's not it. it's a known SYNC problem which i believe can be solved with SYNC Firmware update, but there seems to be no way to update it if you're outside the US
  3. Ford Sync Track Order From Usb

    Hello Willy and thank you for your responce. Yes indeed Sync plays tracks alphabetically, but it's not really Ford's fault since Sync is developed and supported by Microsoft. What's also the question is why then there's a sorting option (*/A-H) which does sort tracs but sync still plays them alphabetically... can't tell you how frustrating it was to me
  4. Ford Sync Track Order From Usb

    I desperately suffer from this problem! the link above doesn't work. no way to update sync either. if anyone has found a solution, please share it!!
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