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  1. What part of "The information I have given thus far is as much as I've been given permission to" are you not understanding here?
  2. <_< This doesn't apply to you anyhow, yours will be rectified before delivery
  3. It's nothing serious, and only takes 5mins to resolve. Said information what passed to me from a friend that works at Fords, it was released on to the Oasis System on the 11th Nov, for Dealers to contact their customers. And only applies to MK7 1.6 owners The information I have given thus far is as much as I've been given permission to. I was also advised to give the postal service a chance before I could divulge any more info. Alternatively you could contact your dealer and ask them. I'm glad it was greatly appreciated.
  4. I can't divulge too much information at the moment but.. If you own a Fiesta with a 1.6 Sigma engine that was built in Cologne between 4/8/2008 and 29/8/2009, and Valencia between 19/9/2008 28/8/2009 (I think that pretty much counts us all at the moment). Please expect to receive a letter from your dealer very soon. Sorry it's extremely vague, but there's nothing to worry about.. so don't panic. And before someone suggests it I'm not trolling. **EDITED: to enhance clarity.
  5. Take all the stickers off IMHO.. And the front aero splitter can be bought from Pumaspeed for £79.95. ^_^
  6. Actually it's Variable Cam Timing And I wouldn't worry about the PFI bit, you have the right engine ;)
  7. I've had it installed for about a month now.. and the only downside is that my MPG has gone down.. but I think that's more to do with my right foot. There were a lot of issues initially, as you may find if your do a search on here. But since the Firmware was corrected everything has been fine. I didn't have this issue as I made sure the update was release before getting mine done. It's a lot more fun to drive, loving the noise it makes and the acceleration now is epic. £1655 inc VAT to be fitted and for the money it's not a bad upgrade. BTW you don't have to have the styling if you don't want, that is an extra £150 and the wheels are an extra £650..
  8. Hmm the only way I've known for a Ford loom to be upgraded to connect to an aftermarket stereo is to buy the adapter that you linked to. Are you sure that they haven't just installed one of those looms and tucked the connectors down the back? I've not seen one that goes the other way tbh
  9. When I took a Zetec-S out on a test drive, I asked the salesman what it limits at, and if I was allowed to try it.. he obliged *fool* ;) In 2nd it went to about 6500/6700rpm and then stayed there, it didn't bounce or anything. I then changed to third and it kept going. I've not done it in mine, the most mine has seen is 6000rpm but the torque lags at 5500rpm (as per rolling road).. which is the best place to change. Since having the Mountune Kit the torque level should be higher, and the limiter too, so will be going back to see the difference.
  10. Ahh right.. sorry didn't see that in your Sig.. The titaniums and 5 doors are talking longer due to popular demand and that they don't have enough to supply, respectively. Regular orders like Zetec's/S/etc/3-doors are going through no problem, but special orders are taking their time I'm afraid. They basically can't keep up with the demand. I know it doesn't help your situation but at least you now know a little more about what's happening. If you really want to know what's going on if you send me your order number and dealer code I can get my mate who's in direct contact with them out there and find out what the actual reasons are.
  11. Out of interest? had you ordered a 3 or 5 door? and was it a Titanium or Zetec-S?
  12. Well I could make a phone call on Monday and find out for you?
  13. If you are going to gun it, take the car to 5500rpm before changing gear, I have had mine on a rolling road at the torque band dipped at 5500. The VCT will kick in at roughly 3500rpm in every gear. BTW mine mine gave an output of 126BHP, stock. Apparantly due to it having an adaptive ECU (basically it responds to the way you drive) and that I've always had Super Unleaded in it.
  14. The Fiesta 1.6TDCI doesn't come with an engine cover.. However the Mazda 2 1.6 Diesel has the same engine and does come with an engine cover. Although I can't remember if it has a Mazda badge on it.
  15. This is the only place I can find at the moment.. European parts
  16. It could be down to the Ram Air induction kit you have.. I'd suggest either.. disconnect the battery for 15mins to reset to stock values.. or putting the stock air filter back on to see if that makes any difference.. if it running rich it could be you air 2 fuel ratio that's out.
  17. I just phoned my Insurance Co to find out how much different the premium will be and it will go up by £75 plus as admin fee.. :o A bit of a personal question now.. how much did yours go up by? and did they recognise the mountune update or did you have to declare the parts separately? Thanks
  18. Coilovers are self adjustable shocks and springs, so you can have the car any height you want. And it's good to know that the new file is ready, mine goes in just over a weeks time.. can't wait :D
  19. IIRC, that model is a PATS2 system, which means you need to have 2 keys already set to program another. If you do only have two keys or even only one.. then you are going to have to make the journey to Ford's to get them to sort it out I'm afraid
  20. Sound to me as if your car could be doing one of two things: 1. It could be going in to maintenance mode. Basically, your car is detecting a problem, and to make sure you don't cause any more damage/problems it bogs your acceleration down to a minimal. Or 2. It also sounds as if the Coil Pack could be failing, which has backfiring ailment you are describing.. the backfire is the excess fuel you are not burning properly. You might want to get the car on an ODBII checker to see what DTC codes are being thrown up.. are you a member of the RAC or AA? If so get them to come out and see what's coming up.
  21. You need an o2 cheater, think you can get them off Ebay..
  22. The only way would be to to take your key and your log book to Fords and get them to cut and code you a new key. The Fiesta uses the PATS2 system which means you need to have two keys to code/programme another yourself.
  23. I had to re-arrange for mine going in too.. it was originally going in for the 21st, but when I spoke to Mountune headoffice they didn't have stock of any exhausts so it had to be rebooked 3 weeks later. But at least this will be the new ECU firmware.