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  1. Hi all, my 55 plate Focus is being repaired at the moment as some idiot of a lorry driver decided to reverse into it. Anyway, while it's there I was thinking of swapping out the standard 6000CD stereo with something smarter. I've called around and found a real cheap facelift 6000CD ??? stereo from a local car breaker, just wondering if anyone knows if such radio would fit the aperture? If you need a picture to link to what I'm on about then it's the third one down on this impressive and comprehensive list of Ford radios here (warning, is a foreign site). Best regards, James P.S, if the answer is 'no' then could you possibly suggest anything else? Thanks
  2. Question about new Focus ST lookalikes

    It's pretty easy to make even an LX look like an ST...body, alloys, trim and accessories are available all over the internet and ebay. Some parts may come from scrap genuine ST's or you can buy body parts that have been primed and are ready to be painted - quite an expensive route to get it looking like something it's not.
  3. Hey all, need to get a new stereo as the LCD on mine is shot. Just wondering if anyone knew if a CD6000 from a 2007 would fit my 55 plate 2005? Regards
  4. Hi all, new to the Forum here. Have just got a 1.6 TDCi 2006 Focus and love it to bits so far though there are a few things that I am interested in doing. First of all, I'm interested in changing the headlights to the darker ones that are available. I've had a quote for £120 from my local Ford dealership (Vospers). Just wondering if anyone knows of somewhere to get them cheaper (apart from eBay as I have already looked) or if anyone has some available? Secondly, I am thinking of lowering the car. I kinda stole the managers accessory book from the dealership without noticing and it states inside that Ford recommend the Eibach 30mm kit costing £135.00 (installation doesn't matter as my dad is a mechanic). Does anyone have any experience with this kit or would it just be more sensible to buy a cheapo £60 lowering set on eBay? Many thanks for your time. James.