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  1. Ford Zephyr

    Trading In The Fiesta

    Just changed over this morning from Fiesta Titan to B-max Titan and a bit disappointed as I thought the kit would be the same, it's not.
  2. Ford Zephyr

    Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    I was sick looking Alistair, so I gave in and got the kit ( brand new ) for £80, which came tyreless, so had one fitted for £38. I'ts piece of mind as I think the space saver is the better option in the long run. I'm a total newbie at this btw. Thanks to all who helped.
  3. Ford Zephyr

    Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    Finally, got kit of ebay, minus tyre, for £80. Good luck with your search.
  4. Ford Zephyr

    Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    Alistair I'm still looking also, cheapest for the lot ( on Ebay with pp ) is around £200, thats fixing screw etc. It's a washout in Lanarkshire can't find anything at all. Hope you've more luck.
  5. Ford Zephyr

    Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    Much obliged .
  6. Ford Zephyr

    Space Saver Wheel + Pack

    I'm still searching for a spare wheel ( full size 195 60 16 ) and the only thing I can find is one from a citreon, would this be ok ?
  7. Ford Zephyr

    Spare Wheel To Fit Fiesta?

    Thanks to all, will give it a try.
  8. Ford Zephyr

    Spare Wheel To Fit Fiesta?

    Really struggling to find a spare wheel ( 16" rim ) in N. Lanarkshire, like others don't fancy the inflation or saver options. Help please.
  9. Ford Zephyr

    Mk7 Fiesta Fan Running A Lot Anyone Else Got This

    I've noticed the fan staying on for quite a while twice now, (Mk 7 '13 econetic ) I was wondering if it was a diesel engine problem ?
  10. Ford Zephyr


    Hi, Fiesta owner here.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Ford Zephyr :)

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    1. Ford Zephyr

      Ford Zephyr

      Much obliged, Steve.