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  1. Hi I have a 2002 1.9tdi auto. Until today when I first drive of in the morning it would rev high now and then before changing gear. This morning however I started driving and it didn't change gear. The Rev's went to over 3000 rpm. Kept pulling over and trying different ways but still no joy. Then after approximately 10-20 mins started working fin. Can anybody help with ideas please.
  2. Engine Light

    Hi I have got the yellow engine light on (1.6 tdci 06). Car still starts and drives great pulls away fast when given welly. I don't have a code reader. Any ideas please. Thank you.
  3. Diesel

    I use BP ultimate every time. Get good mpg and she seems to pull and get up to spend plenty quick. Have tried cheaper fuels car didn't like it and younger what you pay for.
  4. Drl

    Thank you for sharing this. It mentions about using front fog lights as drl. My car was not fitted with fog lights and has no wiring or switch for front fog lights. I have fitted round drl's and they are wired using an auto on of kit direct to the battery ( come on when ignition on and off when lights on).
  5. Drl

    No problems with mot. And never been stopped.
  6. Drl

    I just used kits of ebay. Wired direct battery by a switched relay.
  7. Respray

    Ok cheers guys. Best get saving lol.
  8. Respray

    Anyone have any ideas how much I would be looking at to get my car outside sprayed Aquarius blue.
  9. Reverse Camera Fitted.

  10. Reverse Camera Fitted.

    Thanks for the comments guys. Im loving the camera works great. Just got all the stuff for the father in-laws car from ebay under £30 for everything. ;) Andy.
  11. Reverse Camera Fitted.

    Ok cheers will look into that. The bulb that is :p.
  12. Reverse Camera Fitted.

    Finally got round to fitting my reverse camera. Looks good. Next job is fit one to father inlaws mk1 focus.
  13. Tyre Psi Question

    So is it general consensus that anywhere between 33 and 36 is best.
  14. She Passed Mot

    Yeah I'm well chuffed just picked up a focus 2.5 spoiler for £10. Just need to rub it down and spray it.