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  1. Courtesy "service" Is A Joke!

    Hi guys, I'm sorry to come back just now but I've been traveling around the Christmas time and i forgot to reply. What happened anyway is, I tried to make an appointment with Arnold Clark and they booked me an appointment in 2 weeks time so because I wouldn't be able to drive the car for all that time I just decided to let the local garage have at look at it. We discovered what was wrong as soon they lifted the car up, one of the front tyres was broken! The left alloy tyre was bent into an oval shape, they told me it must have happened by driving fast over a pot hole or speed bump. They could order a new one for me for £190 but I decided instead to order it from ebay for £99 and it worked fine, everything is going smooth as before :)
  2. Courtesy "service" Is A Joke!

    Okay so now I know for sure what to ask them. What do you think though, should I book a service or just go in one of them garages and ask only to check brakes and wheel alignment? Thanks
  3. Courtesy "service" Is A Joke!

    Understand that for when I break... but why does the car feel weird also when I'm driving? I was thinking maybe something to do with wheel alignment...
  4. Courtesy "service" Is A Joke!

    Thanks for the replies guys, the car wasn't new when I bought it, it was a 3 years old car with 25000 miles ish. Drove nice and smooth until few days ago that's why I wasn't sure if just go back to them to check that or if book a service. In the last MOT advise there's: front pads wearing thin and nearside and offside front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened. Can be this the cause of it then? Thanks everyone PS Tyre pressure and condition checked and they're fine.
  5. Courtesy "service" Is A Joke!

    Hi guys, I've bought my Fiesta from ArnoldClark just 6 months ago with 2 years Clark Plan (Servicing and MOT) but lately I'm having a weird feeling from the steering wheel, like the car doesn't go straight when I start to speed a bit or when I break a lot the the car starts to turn on the left or right but doesn't stay straight at all. Should I book a service with them also if it's been just 6 months from when I have it or should I go for a different check? Thanks
  6. Fiesta Zetec 1.4 16V

  7. Your Fiesta

    Hi guys, today is a week from when I picked her up from the garage :)
  8. Phone Charger Doesn't Go Off

    Well to be honest I like the idea of wire up a 12V and take the ignition live feed from the stereo just for the phone charger so I could also put it in a better place but this means to disassemble the stereo and play with cables, I don't know if I'm really able to do all that :) Probably is better to just plug it off every time. At the moment I'm using this charger http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331261473769
  9. Phone Charger Doesn't Go Off

    Thanks! It's always good to know :)
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum as I've just bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4, I had it from just 3 days now but I'm really enjoying it :) I am slowly slowly discovering the car but I've just noticed that leaving plugged in the phone charger in the cigarette socket the green light of the phone charger doesn't go off when I turn the engine off and lock the car. Does it means that if I leave it plugged in it actually stays on all the time? It's gonna drain all the battery, is that normal? Thank You
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums David3D :)

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