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  1. Happy Birthday youngy_315!

  2. Kpg's Focus Mk2 Titanium

    Looks decent. My diesel focus I brought from family was 90% motorway miles and is sweet. Done 127000 and still on the same clutch. 85000 is certainly nothing to worry about, even on a petrol.
  3. Vibration While Driving

    I would suggest it was at the rear of the car if not through the steering. You hit any potholes and maybe damaged an alloy? That would give the same chassis vibration. I had the same on the front alloy and swapped to rear so the vibration wasn't through steering until I could replace the wheel.
  4. Focus Mk2 Mpg

    I have a 2.0 tdci and drive 30 miles each way to work along 50/60mph roads. I don't drive slow but do drive sensibly to traffic and I average 48 mpg worked out manually. On motorway runs to family I get about 52-54 sat about 70mph.
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Factory Sat Nav.

    So I called up ford who are useless and couldn't confirm the actual part I need for the car. I removed the aerial base myself and it is all corroded fairly bad. My questions are; should the aerial remove from the base or is it a fixed unit? Can you open the aerial base or to clean it up or is it a sealed unit? I had a play around but didn't want to ruin it just yet as I like a radio for my commute. I have a 60 plate diesel focus if that changes any of the answers above. Thanks
  6. Focus Mk2.5 Factory Sat Nav.

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Is the only place to get these through ford? All the ones I have come across online state without sat nav.
  7. Focus Mk2.5 Factory Sat Nav.

    Ok thanks for the reply. It is definitely the antenna yes. Error in description on my part. Are they easily replaced? I'll have to check for sure with the model sat nav I have but I guess the antenna would still be at the base of the aerial? I will wait on the maps side of things. I don't usually need sat nav anyway and if all else fails I can read a paper map. Thanks again for your help
  8. Hi all Having used the search and getting no conclusive answer I need some assistance. My factory fitted sat nav has the "no gps" in the information section. Firstly, is the only way to get the exact model fitted to my car going to be by removing it or should there be some documentation? I have a 60 plate mk2.5 2.0 tdci and have read conflicting answers as the where the gps receiving module is. Could any shed some more light on where it should be? I understand I can get a new receiver with a fakra connector if it comes to it?? And lastly, is there any way other than through ford I can update the maps on the sd card? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Kpg's Focus Mk2 Titanium

    I had a similar thing with car recently with regards to the steering behaving like that. I had alignment and tracking done at 2 different garages, both said all perfect but still happened. Replaced the tyres and swapped fronts and rear over. Problem solved. Are the tryes worn evenly?
  10. My Ford Focus Mk2 Tdci

    I'll get some pictures of those dials for you over the weekend.
  11. How often does the regeneration actually occur then? I have never noticed it happening either but I travel 26 miles on 'a' roads to and from work every day so not sure I would.
  12. My Ford Focus Mk2 Tdci

    What is it you want to do to the clocks? If you just want them to look better have you thought about a custom made? There is this company http://www.metal-monkey.co.uk/acatalog/Dials_and_Gauges.html and they can do whatever you like, custom colour LEDs to change through rev range, background colours, pretty much anything. A guy at work with an st170 just had some done for around £80 amd the look brilliant. Going to get mine done next year.
  13. Hi Guys, Future Zs 2.0 Owner Here

    Welcome. Looks spot on mate. A black zs mk2.5 is the choice of the connoisseur. ; -)
  14. Might be a bit simple but are all the wheels balanced correctly? Mine had similar symptoms a month or so back. I had the front discs and pads changed and while the wheels were off I got them all balanced and 4 wheel alignment and it feels back to normal.
  15. Locking Wheel Nut.

    Thanks. Got it sorted. Purchased 4 standard wheel nuts from ford, removed the locking wheel nuts with a dynomec tool borrowed from a local garage. Job done.