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  1. Hi Ian, Thanks for the reply, I bought the Primer Pump today - so do you suggest just removing the blue pipe only and then attaching the Primer Pump to that? Sorry never done this before as if you couldn't tell! 😂 Thanks, Glen
  2. Hi Everyone, I am planning on changing the Fuel Filter on the above car over the weekend and I have the good old Haynes Manual to follow, however I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good posts of this nature on the forum already or of any useful guides - a quick search didn't return anything? Any useful advice or things to watch out for etc also wouldn't go amiss! Also can anyone recommend a good Diesel Primer Pump - there are quite a few on Amazon, but most of them have less than brilliant reviews. Many thanks in advance! Glen
  3. Hi nbuuifx, I have been quite busy with work this week, so I didn't get a chance to try the audio update you provided until yesterday and I'm pleased to say that it worked a treat! So thank you for that it is much appreciated! I have now finished everything off by cutting a small hole in the glovebox and fitting the USB port and replacing the glovebox :-) So thanks again to all those out there who have posted information on how to do this USB upgrade :-) Thanks, Glen
  4. Brilliant thanks nbuuifx :-) I will give it a go and report back! On a separate note, I have connected my iPod to the car via Bluetooth and it is working great - however when I manually connect either mine or my girlfriends to the USB it connects, but will not play (it shows the songs and lets you scroll through them and select them on Converse and Stereo - just no sound). Aside from this the iPods show on their screens as connected to Ford audio - but will not let you control them from the iPod when connected? Any help greatly appreciated :-) Thanks, Glen
  5. Hi all, Well with copious amounts of help from articles and users on this forum, I have finally taken the plunge and upgraded my Bluetooth and USB module! For those interested I have upgraded the old module with the following: - Bluetooth Module 8M5T-19C112-AR (£110 eBay) - USB Lead 1679985 (£10.77 Ford) - USB Port 1543450 (£4.43 Ford) - however I have discovered this morning that this is incorrect and I need to change this for USB Port 1717183! Now touch wood everything seems to be working ok, however I believe that some of the Converse capabilities related to changing the module are only 90% and that I probably need an audio update as referenced in some of the other USB related posts on this forum... Unfortunately I have no idea where to find this audio update - from what others have said it seems to be that it is available as a download from the Ford website and then downloadable to the car from a USB stick? Could someone kindly point me in the right direction! Once again thank you for all of the help that has got me to this point - it is greatly appreciated :-D Thanks, Glen
  6. Hi Paul, Sorry to hear you have been having problems! Well after my last post I booked my car in at Ford for a diagnostic to see if they could find the problem. Well the conclusion that they came to following the diagnostic was that there had been a loss of communication between the Power Control Module and the ABS Module and that had caused an error code to be sent. Unfortunately they didn't know what had caused this loss of communication; damaged wire, loose connector or even a random one off mad moment between modules - and that it would cost in excess of £200 to start looking into the problem, with possibly no success. Their suggestion was to keep driving the car and if the problem arose again to take the vehicle to Ford preferably whilst in Limp Mode etc. As such they reset the error code and charged me £45 before sending me on my way haha! I hope this helps you a little Paul - sorry I cant give you a more certain conclusion - if you want to know anything else feel free to ask. Cheers, Glen
  7. Hi guys, Well I have an update or two regarding the above... I managed to borrow a Diagnostic Reader from a friend last night and plugged it in and gave it a whirl this morning and (if I have done it correctly) the DTC Code it detected was P2263 - which according to Mr. Google is a Turbo/EGR type problem. However upon starting the car this morning to take it to the local garage, I have touch wood had no problems with it at all and nothing feels any different to normal. When I showed the above list of DTC faults to the Mechanic at the garage this morning he said it was most likely related to the software and that the Converse + system probably needed an update. So off I went to my local Ford garage and spoke to a Technician there - after telling him all of the above regarding the DTC codes, he basically laughed as if to say that means nothing! Before telling me that they would be unable to even look at the vehicle until the end of the week! As such I decided to ring round the local Ford garages to see what they advised and when they could look at the vehicle - I spoke to a very helpful chap at a Ford garage close to where I work who told me that the DTC Codes could mean that the car has just had a one off module related blip or that it may need to be updated, pending diagnostic testing. He then told me that if the Diagnostic Reader was right and that it was Turbo/EGR related that it could be a split hose or more commonly a clogged up EGR valve which has stuck open or closed and has since unstuck itself. Any thoughts, opinions or DIY check suggestions would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Glen
  8. Hey Bof, Thank you very much for the reply, it is much appreciated and any advice of speculation is more than welcome as it gives me an idea of what I am looking at! Frankly any advice or experiences are more than welcome! Thanks, Glen Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Hi all, I am hoping that someone can give me some advice on an issue that has cropped up on my Mondeo today. Long story short the car has been driving fine with no problems, however today I was on a short drive and just began driving up a hill when I had a warning on the Converse System saying 'Engine Malfunction' and the Traction Control Light came on and the car went into Limp Mode - however the Engine Management Light did NOT come on. I drove the car the short distance home and proceeded to check the DTC Codes on the Converse + system and the following were returned: 160782 - ? 160787 - ? C07488 - ? C14000 - traction control valve right front circuit failure C15100 - lost comms with the restraints control module C19900 - no comm possible with drivers side front door module C20000 - no comm possible with passengers side front door module C42268 - invalid data received from body control module C41568 - invalid data received from anti-lock braking system module C40168 - transmission problem? C41668 - invalid data received from vehicle dynamics control module - all code meanings were found via the internet. Can anyone shed any light on what I might be looking at here. I will be taking the car in for a diagnostic check tomorrow, however the more time I have on my side knowing what I am looking at the better! Many thanks in advance guys, Glen Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Hi al2052, Sorry for the late reply, well I think following all the advice you have given me I will go to Ford this weekend and order the USB adapters etc and then see if I can find the Bluetooth module on eBay like you did. I checked my Converse+ version on Monday and it is 0906. Would this need updating? If so I'm guessing at Ford? Thanks, Glen Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Oh and I'm not too sure which would be best for quality, but like yourself I have the 6CD DAB Sony Stereo. Thanks, Glen Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. Hi al2052, No I don't think I am able to stream music from my iPhone, just to make and accept calls. My iPod is Bluetooth capable, but when I enter the pin code that comes up on the stereo when I try to link the two, it doesn't work? I removed the glovebox today and the module is close to the one you stated above - 8M5T 19G488 AK? I will check what version of Converse + I have soon and let you know. Thanks, Glen Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Hi al2052, thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I will have to take the glove box out and have a look - however I do have Converse and voice control and I am able to Bluetooth my iPhone to the stereo, just not my iPod? I will have a look at the module tomorrow if I get the chance and let you know. Many thanks, Glen Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Thanks zeglover, much appreciated. I think I need to do some checks then! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC