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  1. Gel Badges

    Petrol collectives Avoid. I sent off for an item which I did not receive. Sent many emails and received no response. Looking further at the web site I looked at the contacts page an it became apparent that this was not a bona fide trader. I have reported the transaction to my credit card provider to obtain a refund.
  2. Red And Black Badges For My Ford!

    The supplier involved with http://petrolcollective.co.uk is probably pet of a scam. I failed to receive my ordered badges and received no responses from numerous emails. A closer inspection of the site showed that the site was only half developed although it could extract payments. The matter is now with the credit card company's. I would caution other members not to use the links which exist in this subject posting.
  3. Wiper Blades

    You might consider new wiper arms. If the springs are weak they will produce smearing even from New wiper blades. A product like Rainex (from Halfords) is also a remedy for some smearing problems. Best of luck.
  4. Gap Insurance

    It is true that many insurers will negate the need for GAP insurance benefits for the first year on new cars as they provide replacement new vehicle. However you can purchase GAP insurance where benefits do not kick in until the second year. I did this with Warranty Direct when I purchased my Fiesta last year. The cost was £157 for 24 months beginning September 2015 and ending September 2017. Like other GAP policies you have to take out the insurance shortly after taking delivery of new vehicle and <500 miles). The policy is a vehicle replacement type.
  5. Key-less Entry Security

    There is a after market alarm system which works with the car's supplied key fob. It is the Cobra A4615. I had it fitted to my 2014 Titanium X and it ticks all the boxes. It updates the supplied alarm by providing Ultrasonics (interior sensors) but more importantly provides an anti theft via key cloning/RF key blocking device. I had the device which is certified Thatcham 2-1 supplied and fitted by a local car electronics/audio specialist. If you want more details Google. The cost of the alarm is around £289 and fitting between £100 and £200 so it is worth shopping round.
  6. St Stolen Last Night

    Sorry to hear of yet another case of ODBC port being used to gain access to a Fiesta. I have a 2014 Titanium X which was supplied only with the factory immobilized and alarm. That alarm does not include the ultrasonic and Thatcham 1 rating which is standard on the ST. However, both my car as well as the ST have the same common weak point ie the ODBC port. I have keyless ignition so using Discloc etc was not a very attractive proposition. After some research I found the Cobra 4615 ADD Can Bus Alarm which includes battery backup siren, immobilized and ultrasonic. The system is a 2-1 Thatcham category alarm. Operation of the alarm is the same as before. I have an extra passive fob which needs to be present when operating the vehicle. I checked that my Ford warranty would not be jeopardized. The Cobra solution is less Labour intensive/intrusive for fitting than the Viper 480xv. Hope this might help. The Cobra system costs c.£500 professionally fitted.
  7. Boot Accessories, Pet Pack And Storage.

    I had the Pet Pack with my 2014 Tit X which was fitted in October 2014 a little after car was delivered. It is very sturdy an includes a floor and protection for the boot lip. My Jack Russel is accommodated in comfort but she is small dog. I transported a Labrador for a short distance but space was quite restricted. I use a small door mat over the plastic floor. I have the Pet Pack permanently in place and the tinted Windows allow reasonable privacy. I found a collapsible carrier which I got from Costco which allows me to place the week`s shop in the car.
  8. Advice On Which Model

    Karen, I bought my Fiesta Titanium X automatic in September 2014. It has the Powershift box and 100 Ecoboost engine. I was under the impression that the 125 ps was not available with the Powershift box. I had to give up driving manual vehicles when I developed weakness in my left leg. The Tit X is quite well Alex's but I included full leather, satnav, city safe and front parking sensors. The rear parking sensors and camera were fitted as were retracting mirrors. The car drives brilliantly and accessibility to rear seats with the 5 door is good. The car has keyless entry which is brilliant but I am considering purchasing a visible steering lock should I have to leave the car in a dodgy area. The automatic transmission allows D(dive), S(holds lower gears for longer) and Manual. Supplemented by cruise control the car can be driven to get good response. Auto lights and wipers make the driving experience relaxed with as much or little driver input that you want. Niggles which are probably common to all other Fiestas include lack of grab handles by doors to assist in getting out and the absence of automatic locking when car is in motion. Hope these impressions help.
  9. Fuel Consumption Again

    I opted for the full leather and find the seats quite comfortable and supportive. I had some reservations about the gear changing around the 30-35 mph mark but now use the `S` setting rather than `D` when driving in town. This holds the lower gears for longer and makes it easier to keep to a 30mph speed limit. Engine braking is almost non existent when going down steep hills and using Manual mode is a better alternative to excessive use of brakes. I was obliged for medical reasons to buy an automatic after 50 years of manual transmissions. I hanker for the control which a manual gives one. Many drivers of automatics I have come across (my daughter included) never use anything other than `D` and fail to take advantage of the other modes available on most car makes. Powershift on the Fiesta pays dividends if all it`s features are explored when it becomes almost as enjoyable to drive as a manual.
  10. Fuel Consumption Again

    I purchased my Titanium X Powershift in September 2014 and also got 42-46 mpg. This was achieved on a mix of long (50 mile) and short journeys (under 5 miles). Since November I have done only short runs and with morning temperatures of <5°. This is reflected in mpg which is 32-35 mpg. I am sure this is down to the winter temperatures as well as greater use of electrical equipment which the Titanium X is lavishly endowed. I have not experienced any lack of smoothness once engine is warm. At the 1500 mile check (carried out in November) I had an oil/filter change but the engine was not flushed.
  11. Engine Flush/oil Change.

    My own view is that if oil/filter changes are carried out in accordance with service schedule then there is no need for a flushing agent to be used. I might use flushing oil if purchasing a used car if I was uncertain of its history when a service was carried out. My dealer offered a free check over of my Tit X at 1500 miles and I opted to have the oil and filter changed to get rid of any metal shards & nasties associated with a new engine. This was done to give the best start possible and hopefully increase longevity. My car`s first service will be September and mileage will only be around 5000.
  12. I took delivery of my Titanium X which has the satnav option as well as the rear camera in September 2014. I have experienced no battery problems despite mostly short runs during recent cold mornings.
  13. Thanks for that. One has to check that the other vehicle is separately insured even though that insurance would not be invoked in the event of an incident involving a driver utilising their own policy. Tks again
  14. I have a fully comp policy which allows me to drive any other vehicle not owned by myself. This cover is restricted to 3rd party liability. One must also have the permission of the owner. I assume that such a vehicle must be taxed and a MOT held if appropriate since this is a legal requirement. My question is whether the vehicle also needs to be desperately insured or is my own cover sufficient. I have had conflicting advice and would be grateful for some authoritative answer. Thanks
  15. Panoramic Roof?

    I saw the sunroof advertised as an option on a Ford US/Canadian website in July last. I was told by my dealer that this was not available for the Titanium X Powerdrive which I ordered.