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  1. lost the will with my focus...

    thanks for the replies , i am taking the car in to get the injectors and clutch master cylinder seen to on tuesday, i will be issued a courtesy car lol , i have had the courtesy car longer than my own car, i have been told i wont have my car back for a week!!! this seems like along time to do the jobs required...you will probably laugh at this but it is a great car to drive with loads of power and great fuel consumption, but im fed up with its problems but keep telling myself that it will all be fixed under warranty and i will eventually have a good car...anyway thanks again...
  2. i bought my focus tdci about 9 days ago, its 52reg 92k...i bought it from a garage...so far it has broke down....went back....they fixed it....they crashed it....they fixed it....they gave it back to me ...its broken again and the faults just keep coming....when i start it in the morning and drive away i get loads of white smoke for bout 100 yds....then it clears..is this normal , i havent had a diesel before, it also did it when i was overtaking , i looked in my mirror and could see for white smoke but it cleared as soon as i stopped accelerating hard,..garage said number 3 injector wasnt working properly and i was also having trouble getting car into gear and they said it needs a new clutch master cylinder....im fed up...could the injector be causing the smoke problem? please let me know your thoughts...i wish i could just give them the car back...lol
  3. focus tdci

    hi mate it has 92000 miles on clock , i took it to someone who knows a bit more about cars than i do and he said he thinks its fine but im not so sure.....cheers for reply
  4. focus tdci

    hi folks , i recently bought a 51 reg focus 1.8 tdci and i have started getting some niggly problems and as the car is under warranty i want some advice so i can take it back to the garage, the car has been running perfectly but yesterday i was driving home and car was in second gear when i put foot down the car took off as it should but then started revving high without doing anything (not wheelspin) , it did this twice, later on i came out to the car and couldnt get the car into gear despite pressing and depressing the clutch several times, finally managed it and car drove fine but was still really difficult to get into gear,(had been like that since i got it on friday), this morning i came out and car started no prob then idled and cut out , and when i stared it again it started revving high and sounded like it was hunting and was still difficult to get into gear , i have drove the car all afternoon and despite the gear issue the car has been driving fine...any ideas would be appreciated as it will be back in garage tomorrow and i want to have an idea what i need to talk bout ...regards...
  5. ford focus tdci

    hi mate and thanks for the response, i think your right a lengthy test drive is in order....regards
  6. ford focus tdci

    hi guys, i am just new and already on asking questions...lol...anyway guys n gals what i want to know is should i buy this car,,,i took a 2002 1.8 tdci for a test drive the other day and absolutely loved it, i have never owned a diesel or a ford and didnt know what to expect but i was very impressed...the probem is that when returning to the garage the car lost power and a orange light came on the dash with a kind of coil looking thing in it..(im very technical) the salesman said he would have it repaired and as the car has a two year warranty im not overly concerned, yesterday salesman called and said it is the injectors and the car is away to specialist to have them repaired and i can pick up car on friday...now do i take a car that is already having problems before i get it or should i give this car a miss..or are problems with these cars rare.........or am i too trusting lol , thanks in advance people...
  7. hi all ,im in process of buying my first ford (focus 1.8 tdci) , ive more or less drove vauxhalls all my life but i have got bored with them so i thought id try a ford ....no doubt will have to chat bout various things through time so thanks in advance...