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  1. Yhh so im jst gna see how it goes lol.. Hopefully it was grit.. And its sorted itself out!! Thanks for your replies x
  2. Well back from garage and the sound is gone!! He drove it for bout 15mins uphill down hill round the bend lol everywhere basically. Checked the break pads aswell, said he cant fond anythnk and if it starts bring it straight in... Sooo gimgers crossed.. He said could of been a stone or grit that got between the plates but its cleared now
  3. Well ill keep you updated.. Off to the garage in a min
  4. U reckon it will be expensive job?
  5. Im taking it to a garage in half hour family friends garage... See what he says
  6. Driving back from the gym tday went over a few humps im the road... Then suddenly heard a grinding noise like metal on metal... As i turned left at end of the road it got a little louder... Pulled up by nearest shop and it was very loud!! Loud enough for people to stare!! so i stopped looked under car nothing hanging loose... Went to pull off and heard an almighty scraping metal noise stopped looked under car... Nothing!!! Any help please
  7. FOC Age group Poll!

    Hey bobsy hey liam....
  8. Singles Club

    Haha this thread has deffo gone off topic.... Let the singles mingle lol
  9. Singles Club

    Well i went out drinking on antibiotics had to take 8 a day for a week... Final day...went out with the girls thought be ok... Ohhh how wrong was i!!! My liver was in bits!!! Vomited bile all day... Lesson learnt
  10. Singles Club

    Hahaha its true tho... A beer can fix anything!!! After a few the world seems a better place... Unless ur the sober one lol... Yeeeaaahhh wouldn't drink on antibiotics ....... Not a nice outcome lol
  11. Singles Club

    Hahaha i agree there... I will buy my own... But seriously i hope i dont look that ugly at the start of a night out lol....
  12. Singles Club

    Haha hilarious!!! Few pints can fix anythink
  13. Singles Club

    Hahahaha perfect timing i had my son on me and my partners 1 year anniversary... Lol needless to say it didnt end well lol we split 2 years later haha gt a lovely new partner been together nearly 4 years engaged for 2... Just need to choose a date to seal the deal lol
  14. Singles Club

    14th november is my partners birthday haha just thought id share tha
  15. Singles Club

    Hahaha would be sound lad!! Aww i have not yet set a date for my wedding yet!! My other half cant decide lol.... I have one boy hes 7 in sep lol