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  1. Autowipers

    Is there any way to switch them off and just have normal variable intermittent wipers? I find these things so irritating
  2. 2.2 Diesel

    I did my 2.2 a few weeks ago and notice the difference. Less smoke, a bit more grunt at low revs and slightly better fuel economy.
  3. Hmmm, I'd never thought about this before. Just thought diesel is diesel. Oddly, I live within a few miles of the BP refinery at Grangemouth and BP fuel is the most expensive in the area. Might give it a go with Shell though.
  4. Washed it again. Quite enjoy doing it
  5. How can I tell? It's a 2006 model
  6. I've added a few bits too. Forward HD video camera, voice controlled hands free, reversing camera and digital radio adapter. Next extra will be day running lights.
  7. How did you find the Ford Owners Club?

    Recommended by Kev in Orkney(Knew him from Pajero owners club)
  8. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    Jim Bonnybridge(Stirlingshire) Mondeo Ghia
  9. I have a 2006 Mk3 Ghia and, as I'm only 5'10", I need the seat really far forward as there's loads of legroom. It actually has more front space than my last car (a 2.8TD LWB Pajero) I went for the Ghia 'cos I like all the wee extras you get with it :)
  10. Just replaced my reversing camera. Other one packed up through water ingress. New ones much clearer
  11. 3Rd Year Service

    Typical main dealer price. My wife's Suzuki Swift got an MOT and service yesterday. Main dealer price was £275. We booked it in to a garage Ive used for ten years and trust. Their price for exactly the same work was £163. Worth shopping around
  12. Egr Blanking On Euro 4

    My eml has come in a couple of times but I just reset it after checking the code. Definitely a lot more responsive and no smoke
  13. Made it all clean and shiny then drove it for a bit just for the fun of it :)