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  1. dont pay that much ive only been doing mechanics in a garage for about half a year and im not even level 1 yet bt i do the jobs you are talking about on a regular basis and its defo not that much
  2. NGK'S are the most popular bt i would go for something a bit more reliable its worth paying that bit extra
  3. Changing spark plugs

    normally 10 mm plug socket make sure its got some rubber in the socket otherwise will struggle to get it out
  4. Race for Life

    i will sponser you dont get paid till friday though
  5. Finally got my wheels :) :)

    that price is worth it there smart just dont knock them lol
  6. might be your drive shafts or tracking does it knock going around corners
  7. Top speed...

    105 in 1.25 encore bt could probz do more down hill jst dnt fancy loosing my license lol
  8. Speedometer Not Working

    check your fuses
  9. i only pay 180 a month for mine im 17 and ive got a claim against me go on compare the market
  10. how to get rid of rust

    yer just sand it if its only on the paint work and fill it untill u get it level and respray ive jst had to do it lol
  11. Driving...

    i was 17 in august past in october with 2 minors i had a 306 but crashed it on the ice lol then a saxo bt that was the biggest mistake of my life now ive got a fiesta 1.25 and love it lol
  12. yes u will have the zetec engine its a brilliant engine ive got exactly the same car as u, no complaints what so ever great car