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  1. New Tyres and 4 Wheel alignment

    sts...AKA ...KWIK FIT the hunter is a superb piece of equipment as is the john bean system
  2. Upgrade Of Phone I Don't Know What Phone To Choose

    love my note 4, Android all the way ....
  3. Stoneys St3 (formerly Known As 'subtle Hint')

    Well short shifter fitted, As said before WOW what a difference :driving: :driving:
  4. New Car Time

    THAT is exactly what I am looking for, THANKYOU I would probably extend the cable and put it in the arm rest like my previous focus, Bluetooth I can live without but memory stick for my music is a must. money saving from the Bluetooth can go towards a remap :D That video sounds good though buddy if you wouldn't mind posting it. Thank Ye
  5. New Car Time

    That sounds spot on I am a member of the st owners and now the EO facebook group so far so good, soooooo much to read fortunately I am in the position where I can do anything on my car, just need to read up about adding the Bluetooth and usb to my car if not mega expensive ,,,, :driving: :driving:
  6. New Car Time

    I will go looksy now at the farce book group lol :driving: :driving: REQUESTED just awaiting confirmation
  7. Stoneys St3 (formerly Known As 'subtle Hint')

    I gotta love the colour my dads focus is the same blue lol
  8. Dump Valve Or Not ?

    Yes that's very true , just gotta make sure heat soak isn't an issue .
  9. Stoneys St3 (formerly Known As 'subtle Hint')

    Lush car clive, The short shifter imho is one of the best mods you can do I had one on my type r and looking to get one on my ST in the next month , You got the BEST colour as well love the blue. :driving: :driving:
  10. Dump Valve Or Not ?

    I was advised to fit either a Collins or forge one, at the end of the day you get the noise that's about it , lots and lots about it on the ST owners club forum.
  11. New St

    Simply LUSH , LOVE the colour , simply enjoy and stay safe :driving: :driving:
  12. New Car Time

    Dojo Juice now in my watch list but its so much easier to give it to the detailer at work , lol they clean it I drive and maintain it . :driving:
  13. New Car Time

    Well I do love the blue but sheesh the orange is really nice indeed , il give it a good wash in the morning and a guy at work is gonna mop it for me ...happy days :D :D
  14. New Car Time

    To ADD I bought my car from Nick at st-focus.com in crawley he is a real genuine guy with a wealth of knowledge about ST's. He has a regular turnover of ST's so be quick if you are interested , I have read that when people turn up to view his cars are dirty all I can say is that his premises are overlooked by big tall trees hence a little dusty. FINGERS UP to all the whingers, When you buy a car from there it is spotless and smelling lovely and Gleaming. check his site out genuine dealers are hard to find and he is definitely one of them !!!! I am just a very happy customer with nothing but praise .......................... :driving: :driving:
  15. New Car Time

    I live by Gatwick Airport, A couple of pointers BEFORE you take the plunge fuel consumption if your bothered about it don't do it , on a run 30-40 mpg round town etc mid 20's if you really hoof it 12-13. road tax I went from a type r to my diesel £290 down to £30 and now back to £290. Depending on age insurance can be HIGH or LOW Tyres being 18" can be pricey for quality rubber Fortunatly nick at st-focus.com is a TOP bloke and sorted a new set of hankooks for me I fitted them sunday and set the car up on the HUNTER HAWKEYE so now it is running straight.and true. mine is totally standard for now but the shopping list is extreamly long and very very expensive. I went to buy a blue one but it was sold it did me a favour really as this one is a 58 plate 1 owner and just done 25000 happy days.