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  1. Just got my new Fiesta Style. Previous car the Fiesta LX. I notice my driver's door mirror can be adjusted inward untill I can see myself through the door window. but It will only adjust outward a small amount, I can still se the side of the car. My LX would adjust equally either side of center ( the position for normal driving). I used this abillity when at a junction joining a road at an angle to my right, avoiding having to twist my neck round. Checked at the garage with another Fiesta Style, It was the same as mine !! Design error or intentional ?
  2. New Fiesta

    Hi, Just bought my second new Fiesta (Style). Had 10 years with my LX only did 36000 mls. If the new car is as good as the old one I will be highly satisfied.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums kenwood :)

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