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  1. Yes, not very nice if it’s pi**ing down though, or blowing a gale – and why have a garage if you cannot utilise it fully? On a similar vein: I guess if I didn’t have a garage I wouldn’t have this problem? Life is just so simple for some.
  2. I’ve had a rethink. I’m now planning to use the large nylon washer supplied - it fits nicely, without scratching the face of the alloy wheel (although I may add a felt washer to its underside face). This will be combined with a small plastic thumbwheel, which sits sub-flush within the dish of the washer. The thumbwheel has a 20mm long M6 thread that will be attached, via an M6 stainless steel nut coupler, to a suitable length of stainless steel M6 all-thread. I will probably add a suitable stainless steel washer between the thumbwheel and the nylon washer and maybe use some thread loc when I’m happy all is ok.
  3. Yes, it might come to something like that. Pity though; I was trying to avoid attaching something to the garage door. I’m surprised that, in this day and age, there’s no decent restriction device available designed to attach to a vehicle’s tailgate – or even adjustable gas struts or struts with less stroke. This seems to be an untapped market, maybe? Surely we aren’t the only 2 on the planet with this issue?
  4. Further to my last (http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/59386-spare-wheel-etc/), I’ve now replaced the next-to-useless Ford-supplied puncture outfit with a proper spare wheel and tyre. I don’t mean a Mickey Mouse temporary type either; it’s a full-size alloy, exactly matching the 4 fitted road wheels – even having the same make/size (thus tread pattern) tyre. It fits in the wheel well ok (unlike some might have you believe) with just a slight protuberance (no more than 10mm), height-wise, due to the tyre’s sidewall bulge. However this presents no real problem, floor-wise, and I can even still use the old cover under the carpets, if I so wish. I just need to organise a retainer (hold down) that doesn’t protrude beyond tyre height and can reach the threaded mounting bracket welded to the wheel well floor. I may be able to use the existing retaining rod (and circlip) but its plastic conical washer is not suitable. It needs an inverted top-hat shaped washer that is quite deep (maybe 50mm or so), and has a hat o/d which fits inside the 57mm centre bore of the alloy wheel but also has an i/d that clears the handle of the rod, which then continues down though a small clearance hole (in the ‘top’ of the hat) and into the threaded mounting bracket. A washer between the stop-flange of the rod and the ‘top’ of the hat may be required. The top hat washer also (obviously) needs a brim that sits over the top of the wheel and holds it down. The material of the top hat needs to be fairly strong, of course, and the brim may need to have a washer of suitably soft material, to prevent damage to the wheel face. Another possibility, instead of the top hat method, is a conical type hat (like a fez) maybe? On a different tack, does anyone know a decent way of restricting the tailgate height (opening arc or strut stroke) on the Fusion – as mine hits the open door of my garage and is something of a nuisance. It probably needs only a small amount of restriction, as it looks to be almost, but not quite, fully open.
  5. Spare Wheel, Etc.

    An apology in advance if these issues have already been covered/answered. I have a 2010 Fusion Zetec with the standard ‘Classic’ five spoke 6x15” alloy wheels, shod with 195/60 R15 tyres. Thus the tyre o/d is 24.213”. I have what Ford term a ‘Tyre Mobility Kit’, thus there is no spare wheel/tyre and no jack or brace included. I see there’s the option of a 14” ‘temporary steel spare’ shod with a 125/80 R14 low Rolling Resistance tyre. Thus the tyre o/d is 21.875”. Still no jack or brace though, to enable its fitting! Is Ford serious, fitting one wheel/tyre combo with an o/d 2.338” less than the remaining 3? It’s, obviously, even worse if you have the 16” wheels fitted, as that works out to an o/d of 24.449”, giving a greater difference! I’ve heard of ‘3 wheels on my wagon’ but this seems to be going a step too far – and seems dangerous? I had a ‘Noddy Car’ spare supplied with my Honda Prelude, back in the 80’s, but at lease it’s o/d was the same as the other 4! Now call me old fashioned, but I prefer a ‘proper’ spare wheel/tyre, which matches the other 4, plus a jack and a brace to fit it. However, is the wheel well capable of taking one (I suppose it should be, otherwise where does one put the damaged wheel/tyre after fitting the temporary spare?) but is there a location for a jack/brace to be stored? I have a jack and brace from a 1996 Ford Fiesta. Whilst I know the brace fits the Fusion wheel nuts ok I’m unsure as to the compatibility of the jack, not having got down and dirty to remove the jacking point trim covers. My old Fiesta jack has a slot type location but does that suit the Fusion – and is it still capable weight capacity wise? I’d be grateful if anyone out there could answer my questions re all this and, maybe, even point me towards any reputable sites re spares - esp. wheels/tyres and jacks!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Keefyjet :)

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