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  1. 4300K Hid Vs Halogen

    I have already remarked that I don't care much regarging the legality of the HID kits. It doesn't ruin everyones vision, maybe your eyes are sensitive? I've never been bothered by other cars with retro fit or standard xenon headlamps, or the LED headlamps that newer cars are coming with. Have fun witht the over priced Philips halogen bulbs, they make next to no difference compared to HID's... especially 55W 500Kkits :).
  2. Fiesta St2 Hid Kit Help Required

    Here's a post I did a while back http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/59971-4300k-hid-vs-halogen/ I use 55w 5000K now, can't beat it. Better than 4300K and I've had no issues.
  3. Mp215 To Stage 2

    Aye, others cars I've had with catback sytems are louder the higher the revs, but they were NA, not turbo charged, it is odd though. I'll have to get someone to drive by, or record a drive-by at full chat. This is with the symposer unplugged, I'll have to get a blanking cap as its far too boomy and odd with the exhaust and symposer. with the symposer on it's less noticeable that it is quiter at higher rpm. I'll have to find a sports cat for sale second hand or buy a new decat, I can't be arsed paying over £400 for a sports cat. I think I'll follow your avice and once it does go for a map, do a rolling road session before and after.
  4. Mp215 To Stage 2

    All fitted now and I have to say there isn't any noticeable gains. Turbo spool and blow off is really quite loud. The exhaust is very deep and loud, but onlu upto 4k rpm, after which it strangely sounds like the stanadrd exhaust?? Has anyone one else fitted a catback system and experienced the same thing? I am tempted now to have it mapped again to suit the hardware changes but maybe I should wait and source a sports cat/de-cat first? Cheers
  5. How To Reach Rear Speaker St

    Thanks for the reply, I'll be trying this tonight!! I have one other rattle... The bit up beside the rear view mirror that goes down the windscreen, this makes a slight rattle when accelerating under 2K rpm, any quick fixes for that?
  6. Hi, My passenger side rear speaker makes an annoying rattling/crackling sound all the time now when driving, regardless if music is playing or not. Can anyone explain/show me how to get into the speaker of an ST? Cheers
  7. Mp215 To Stage 2

    Hi, I currently have the MP215 kit for my ST. I managed to pick up a cat-back Mongoose exhaust system, different induction kit, airtec intercooler and samco hoses along with a short shifter for £600 second hand. I will be fitting the parts next Saturday with my mate. I spoke with someone from Mountune last year about having to re-map the car again if I changed any parts and I was tol that an exhaust intake and intercooler would be fine without another map. So, has anyone went from a MP215 map (or any stage 1 map) and then changed hardware without any issues? Cheers
  8. Ggr St240 Package

    :O 150mph? I didn't realise the Fiesta could hit that, i'v hit about just over 130mph on A-roads, the MP215 is pretty dam quick the more I think about it! Yeah, I think it sounds too good to be true for an CAI and map. Wow really? How is it?
  9. Ggr St240 Package

    Thanks for the info. That is off putting if a car is going into limp mode with it, I emailed their sales address anyway with a few questions. Is the intercooler and sports cat worth it, they are both circa £350 each?
  10. Best Hid Kit - Mk7.5 Zs

    I bought a 55W HID kit from http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/ Here is a comparison I did with halogen vs 4300K 55W HID kit http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/59971-4300k-hid-vs-halogen/ I changed to 5000K which IMO gives even better visibility but doesn't look too blue.
  11. Ggr St240 Package

    Hi, I came across the Graham Goode Racing ST240 package as per the link below: http://shop.grahamgoode.com/ggr-fiesta-st180-240bhp-conversion-package-ft-superchips-st240-ggf5240-73448-p.asp Has anyone got this intake and induction set up with the map? If the figures are correct that is huge gains without going for an exhaust/intercooler to go with it. I have the MP215 kit but I have the feeling I'll be trading in my Fiesta in a few months for..... another new ST3, so I am already looking at what package to get this time. Any input is appreciated. Cheers
  12. St180 Lowering Springs

    I bought Eibach Redline springs from Pumaspeed. I can send you pictures if you would like, the car sits perfectly and I can't feel any noticeable difference in ride harshness. Looks better and handles slightly better. I had my alignment laser aligned after but it wasn't off at all so if you do it you can save yourself the £100 or so for alignment afterwards. Cheers
  13. 4300K Hid Vs Halogen

    My apologies, I thought you were regarding my original post. I would but I am not sure how to :D . Cheers
  14. Mopped & Polished

    looking great