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  1. And auto leveling headlamps (Not manually adjustable). Plus bulbs need to be CE marked. So at present ALL retrofits are illegal. In England you'll get a section 56 for them, caught twice and bye bye car

    You don't need that bright a headlamp to drive safely on a road, just ruins everyone else night vision

    I managed fine for years on a single 25w 6v halogen looning around country lanes on a dirt bike and riding off road at night. Your eyes get used to what you have. The brighter your lights the less you see outside the beam

    I have already remarked that I don't care much regarging the legality of the HID kits. It doesn't ruin everyones vision, maybe your eyes are sensitive? I've never been bothered by other cars with retro fit or standard xenon headlamps, or the LED headlamps that newer cars are coming with.

    Have fun witht the over priced Philips halogen bulbs, they make next to no difference compared to HID's... especially 55W 500Kkits :).

  2. I'm waiting for my mountune cat back, I'll let you know once I get it.

    Aye, others cars I've had with catback sytems are louder the higher the revs, but they were NA, not turbo charged, it is odd though. I'll have to get someone to drive by, or record a drive-by at full chat.

    The sound could be the symposer overpowering the noise from the exhaust, you can buy blanking plugs.

    Ideally have the sportscat fitted at the same time as the map, or as close together as possible.

    This is with the symposer unplugged, I'll have to get a blanking cap as its far too boomy and odd with the exhaust and symposer. with the symposer on it's less noticeable that it is quiter at higher rpm. I'll have to find a sports cat for sale second hand or buy a new decat, I can't be arsed paying over £400 for a sports cat. I think I'll follow your avice and once it does go for a map, do a rolling road session before and after.

  3. All fitted now and I have to say there isn't any noticeable gains.

    Turbo spool and blow off is really quite loud. The exhaust is very deep and loud, but onlu upto 4k rpm, after which it strangely sounds like the stanadrd exhaust?? Has anyone one else fitted a catback system and experienced the same thing?

    I am tempted now to have it mapped again to suit the hardware changes but maybe I should wait and source a sports cat/de-cat first?


  4. Hi,

    I currently have the MP215 kit for my ST. I managed to pick up a cat-back Mongoose exhaust system, different induction kit, airtec intercooler and samco hoses along with a short shifter for £600 second hand.

    I will be fitting the parts next Saturday with my mate. I spoke with someone from Mountune last year about having to re-map the car again if I changed any parts and I was tol that an exhaust intake and intercooler would be fine without another map.

    So, has anyone went from a MP215 map (or any stage 1 map) and then changed hardware without any issues?


  5. I've got the induction hose and air filter with a mountune map, only went into limp mode once at 150mph

    Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC

    :O 150mph? I didn't realise the Fiesta could hit that, i'v hit about just over 130mph on A-roads, the MP215 is pretty dam quick the more I think about it!

    the 0-60 is no different from the Mountune package at 217BHP? same sort of cost but don't get it.

    Pumaspeed's 240 pack costs a whopping £2K, seems this one is a tad optimistic. too good to be true.

    PS also have a 300BHP pack now @ £4K!!!

    Yeah, I think it sounds too good to be true for an CAI and map.

    Wow really? How is it?

  6. Thanks for the info.

    That is off putting if a car is going into limp mode with it, I emailed their sales address anyway with a few questions.

    Is the intercooler and sports cat worth it, they are both circa £350 each?

  7. Hi,

    I came across the Graham Goode Racing ST240 package as per the link below:


    Has anyone got this intake and induction set up with the map? If the figures are correct that is huge gains without going for an exhaust/intercooler to go with it.

    I have the MP215 kit but I have the feeling I'll be trading in my Fiesta in a few months for..... another new ST3, so I am already looking at what package to get this time.

    Any input is appreciated.


  8. I bought Eibach Redline springs from Pumaspeed.

    I can send you pictures if you would like, the car sits perfectly and I can't feel any noticeable difference in ride harshness.

    Looks better and handles slightly better. I had my alignment laser aligned after but it wasn't off at all so if you do it you can save yourself the £100 or so for alignment afterwards.


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  9. Cancel my post as i asked a question then found the answer so it was pointless being in there

    Sent from my finger using my iPhone

    My apologies, I thought you were regarding my original post.

    I would but I am not sure how to :D .


  10. Cancel this post please


    Very interested in doing this, my VAG cars have always been upgraded with HIDs. Have heard that 55W can draw more power than stock wiring can handle or they overheat -either way I'd heard reports that the 35W was a safer bet. Any info on this as obviously I'd prefer the more powerful ones...

    No idea, as far as I am aware 55W is safe, I've had no issues.

  11. Neil, just say you ended up getting another new ST, would you do the mp215 upgrade to that or different stage one remap, if warranties weren't an issue...

    Is the mp 215 worth the 600 quid or whatever it's priced now, based on how much faster the car feels afterwards?

    I picked up an ST3 today is why I'm asking

    I find the MP215 kit worth the money. In terms of how much faster or more powerful it is I am not sure.

    BUT, in terms of 'feel', it does feel a good bit torquier and after 5K rpm it has that extra edge, the response is improved to.

    If warrenty isn't an issue I'd probably go for a Revo map with a different CAI as I hear they produce more power.

  12. Why would you expect this? What harm does it do to remind people, or let people who do NOT know that it is the case? Try posting something to assist instead of complaining.

    Apologies, I think my tone may have been off. I know you meant well but if he doesn't know that and is considering modifying his car then it is his fault is something goes wrong. I always assume that the person has the common sense to check this out before modifying etc.

    To assist I'd say;

    1. If you find the extra's in the ST3 appealing then go for it, I don't think it is worth it, I only got an ST3 becuase it was at the showroom and I wanted an ST now (not in weeks or months).

    2. Performance wise, I'd say the MP215 upgrade (or similar stage 1 map) is a must. Appearance wise I think the car looks fine how it is, I bought some yellow ST overlays to make mines a bit more distinguishable as well as becuase I think it looks good.

    I'd say do what you want but if you are after making your car stand out then maybe a splitter and parts from the Mountune catalogue isn't the best option.

  13. Bear in mind, if you're buying through a PCP plan, you can't add any mods, officially. Plus all modifications should be notified to your insurance company otherwise they'll not pay out if you have to claim.

    Someone always has to come up with this everytime! I would expect the OP and most other people realise this.

  14. That lack of weight at the rear is a reason why would need good grip at the rear, most tyre makers and fitters will recommend putting the newer tyre on the rear.

    Couldn't find the fifth gear vid but this demonstrates the problem


    And in reference to slicks, they are only grippy when it is dry. I don't mind if some people prefer the tyres with the most tread at the front as long as front and rear has good tread.

    Bald tyres, like slicks, are completely useless in the wet, BUT, bald tyres are dangerous all the time where slicks aren't. Slicks are made with soft compound rubber and usually a thinner side wall, they are made for racing and for the dry only. New slicks have plenty of rubber to wear down before they are at the limit like a bald tyre. A bald tyre only has the chord after the rubber and is likely to cause a blowout or accident, they are NOT like slicks!

    I can't believe you would risk points, having an accident, or worse still, injuring or killing someone becuase you lost control as you wanted to save money and run bald tyres at the rear...

  15. I do wonder what the real world difference is though, my Old Clio 182 had near bald back tyres after I swapped them as the fronts were worn and didn't fancy buying 4 tyres, they were expensive for that car too as an odd size, 204/40/16's. and it didn't affect the car, I always drive like a slag that's why I buy these cars and the Clio is buy far the best handling car I've ever had, the back end never ever ever even in snow and rain lost the back end, all the weight is at the front on these cars and that's what matters.

    This is the kind of post that worries me. For the sake of a couple of hundred quid you put 'near bald' tyres on the back of your car...

  16. Happy days, been a passenger in one and would seriously consider one in future. I'd need to put some cash to the side to save for the extra fuel expense though, I see roughly 33-34 mpg on my 80 mile commute so I don't think I could justify one yet.

    Much better car than the boring Golf R! Glad to see someone going for 6 cyl and RWD.

  17. I don't think refurbing the wheels or changing the colour of the wheels/calipers will void the warranty.

    Lowering probably will, but only void the warranty on the suspension components I think?

    As long as your insurance company knows I can't see there being an issue IMO.


  18. Basically I'm on the ford options PCP but paid the deposit and instalments upfront, so I can hand it back or use any equity on the next car or buy it outright which is more likely.

    We've gone for 18k miles as the misses will use it for work during the week.

    Drivethedeal give you a price from a ford dealer that they have got cheaper prices from, think they are cheaper due to sales volume! As it's a ford dealer you are buying from everything is the same as you would get from your local dealer. I'm saving just over £2k on what I paid for my ST2 last year with the same spec. Couldn't be bothered going to a dealers and haggling, not got much time for salesmen.

    Bought mine for £17,850 at the end of April (Spirit Blue ST3 with every option), sold my old car and got a loan which I hope works out cheaper over the long run, but I'm not sure. Used Carwow and the cheapest dealer was about a 3 hour drive away, but it was worth it.

    Seems like the same idea as that orange wheels I tried, definately worth doing, but just wasn't worth it for me, only downside of living where I do!

    Surprised how many of you have bought your cars outright with cash! Unless it's a second car I can't see me ever 'owning' a car again.

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