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  1. Yep... it's been several weeks and dials are still working. So completely disconnecting the battery terminals to reset things seems to be the fix... in my particular case anyway :)
  2. Dials all still working I'm pleased to report! :))
  3. Well some bad news. The engine warning lamp has come back on after the DTC code was cleared using the OBD scanner. I rechecked the DTC code with the scanner and it's the same one ie "P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected" Also I've noticed that the car struggles a bit when driving up an incline, I suspect this loss of power is linked to the engine issue. Obviously I have to take it now to a garage to get it checked out properly. I don't really want to take it a Ford dealership workshop as they tend to be a bit expensive, but for a problem like this can I take it to any local garage or do I need to find a ford specialist? I live in the HA4 postcode if anyone knows of a good & reliable mechanic/garage that's reasonably close to me? Cheers
  4. Well it's been 4 days now since I disconnected the battery to re-set the system... and so far the dials are still working! :) ...fingers crossed they stay working!
  5. Programme the windows?... surely you jest! :)
  6. Well, clearing the DTC codes using the OBDII scanner hasn't fixed my dials issue. One suggestion was to try disconnecting the battery in order to reset the system. Before I try this is there anything I need to be aware of eg there's no reprogramming of keys (mine's a stop/start button) or having to enter a code for the car sound system?
  7. For the Bluetooth OBDII scanner I know I can use the Torque Pro App on my android phone but is there a free or reasonably priced software I can use on my laptop?... ie one that'll talk to the scanner via Bluetooth. I've got a small 13" laptop that's light and easy to carry which I would prefer to use than my phone.
  8. Oops sorry ignore previous message re BG44K... I had a problem with my computer and wasn't sure if my earlier message went through!!... anyway you've already answered that query :)
  9. Ok the links I found on BG244K say it's for diesel?... and I found another link that says I need the fuel additive BG44K for petrol? Btw I cleared the DTC codes and my engine warning lamp has now gone off. I'll keep an eye on it in case it comes back in.
  10. OK... it's just that the links I found on BG244 seem to suggest it's a diesel fuel additive... for petrol I think I have to use the BG44K additive?... or is there something else?
  11. What's a BG244 treatment?... mine's a 1.6 petrol by the way.
  12. Ok my D900 2014 scanner arrived today and this is the procedure I followed: - Plugged cable into OBD port & switched scanner on - Selected Ford (for vehicle manufacturer) - From the Function screen selected "New Scan" - From the 7 options on the New Scan screen selected option 1 "Read DTCs" - Only one code was displayed ie -----> "P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected" (see screen pics attached) I did a quick google search and found the following link: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0304 Which suggests that if there are no symptoms I should simply reset the code and see if it comes back. I'm inclined to do this as the service manual shows the car was serviced March of this year and the car seems to drive fine ie engine starts fine and no stumbling... what do you think? I also re-ran the onboard diagnostics and the only DTC code that comes up is "DTC #1 F006_16" though couldn't find any information when I googled this code so don't know what it means???
  13. Btw (and I've mention this in my other post) I've ordered my OBDII scanners so I'm hoping they may be able to shed some light, otherwise I may have to take the car into a garage to get the dials sorted.
  14. I have to say that thought crossed my mind too. I bought a motobility car years back from a Perrys garage, that had low mileage and was in mint condition for a three year old, but I paid too much for it!... I picked this one up for a pretty good price but have ended up with a host of niggling problems!... once I've sorted them all out I should be a happy focus owner :) Anyway after reading your guide I've ordered my OBDII scanners... a bluetooth version for my android phone... as well as... a standalone one!... probably didn't need both but they weren't that expensive, hopefully they should help me diagnose any hidden problems with the car.
  15. No worries... yeah I managed to figure out in the end that I had to scroll through the tests with the up/down arrows rather than just sit there like a dork stairing at the screen!! lol