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  1. Leaking injector seals

    Hi Folks just had my seals done at the dealers I bought the car from and on following it home about 5 miles there was excessive black smoke coming from the exhaust on accelleration. So I took it back and the dealer who said they would look at it. Phoned the following day and they said there was nothing wrong with it, passed emissions test etc. Took the car about 5 miles on the road again with exactly the same symptom. Back to the dealers again took out the service manager following the car.As the test run they gave the car no one followed so they could not see the smoke! He suggested to run the car as they had cleaned the manifold and it may be the residue from this..... !! So a deal was struck that if it was still smoking on Thursday (today)they would take it in and give us a courtesy car. Have just phoned and they said bring in the car on Tuesday so they could have another look but the Boss said that nothing they had done to the car would have caused it to smoke. So have phoned Ford Customer line and they have put me on to another Ford dealer to check out the car so I must wait until Tuesday next week! I have not paid the bill as yet to the first garage but I am expecting it to be posted to me soon :( Car has been fine for the last few years done 88k with only 0ne other problem, the fuel pipe routing causing a hole in the plastic pipe where it goes under the air filter housing. Will keep you posted.