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  1. Rear Passenger Lock 'sticking'

    Hi Guys, I had a a go at it this afternoon but didn't have much success. I managed to get the door trimming off but wasn't to sure how to get to the locking mechanism. See below I removed all the black bolts holding the silver plate however I couldn't remove it completely and didn't want to take the risk of breaking anything. If you see where the cable from the door handle feeds into the aluminium silver plate there are three black bolts/holders in a triangular shape. its around this area that the silver plate seems to still be attached. Any ideas?
  2. Sticking Rear Door

  3. Rear Passenger Lock 'sticking'

    Oh i didn't realise how cheap they were. I just googled it and saw sites that were quoting in $. I've placed my order and hopefully it arrives for the weekend. Does anyone know if there is a plastic sheeting between the door and the door panel? Previous cars i found there was and it was always a pain to put the plastic back
  4. Rear Passenger Lock 'sticking'

    Hi Paul, I haven't had a chance to remove the door panel to have a look inside. I've done this before in the past and managed to reck the panel. Do you guys have any hints and tips to remove it? Like any tools worth getting like I've seen mentions of a door panel removal tool. the only part i have difficulty with is removed the panel with those little plastic plugs that hold it in place.
  5. Rear Passenger Lock 'sticking'

    Jeebowhote, I did do a fuse check and they all seemed fine. How do I check/fix the solanoid if it is it?
  6. Rear Passenger Lock 'sticking'

    I checked the fuses and they all look good. I took them out had a good look and placed them back. I tried the doors again and the same result. I put my finger on the lock(the little silver button above the door handle on the inside) and with in pressed in when I try to unlock I can feel slight vibrations in it as if its trying to unlock but something is blocking it.
  7. Rear Passenger Lock 'sticking'

    Hi Ramas, The cars all locked up for tonight but I'll be sure to check those fuses out tomorrow and post back. Hopefully it is just a case of a blown fuse.
  8. Hi I have a 57reg ford cmax 1.8 tdci titanium and yesterday I couldn't open the left rear passenger door. After I had use my fob to unlock my car. The lock wouldn't unlock itself manually from the inside but eventually I was able to get it unlocked. When it's locked and I lock the car using the fob all the doors lock as expected and the faulty doors lock on the inside does go in like the other. If I try unlock all the doors unlock but the left rear passenger door. Any ideas what I could check/ do before sending it in?
  9. The AA have been out and it seems to have been the starter motor. The AA man just tap the starter motor and it started. So its now off to the garage to get a new starter motor.
  10. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this. This morning I go to start the car and the engine will not turn over. It was working perfectly fine yesterday. I live on Canvey Island and we had a large flood on Sunday which I had to try get the car through the flood water to get home. Its making a beeping noise when I try turn the key to start the car and the Engine and oil light are on. I've tried starting the car with the spare key which had the same result. I've recorded some footage of the problem which I've posted to youtube: Ford CMax 57reg starting problems - YouTube Anything else I should do /check before I get the AA out? Thanks for the support Alistair
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums aliuk :)

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