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  1. JohnP

    HID Thread

    this is just my opinion but i dislike HID headlights, the generally tend to be set up wrong and often blind me when i pass other cars with them on. if you think your cars headlights need to be mega bright then i think you need an eye test, when i used to ride my bike with a not very bright full beam i could see perfectly well, even on country roads at night. no need for hid's imo.
  2. JohnP

    PS3 or Xbox?

    i'd say PS3, i much prefer it to the wii (which is why i traded that in) and i like the whole way it operates compared to the xbox. although to be fair the differences between the xbox and ps3 aren't that big and both are really good consoles, its just the newer slim line ps3s have big hard drives and the ability to play blu ray.
  3. JohnP

    As a member of the forum ...

    ouch, thats not good. glad your ok though and hope you get a new car sorrted out soon!
  4. JohnP

    My sunday afternoon expedition

    liking the pics! i took some of mine awhile ago, i really should post them up sometime!
  5. snow/winter tyres are the way forward as MarkyR mentions. I've recently got back from Austria and in most regions it is law to have these tyres on, they are mega grippy. the hire car we had took a fair bit of effort to spin the wheels and it was only a SEAT Leon FWD. My girlfriends dad took his audi 4X4 over there with winter tyres and it was pretty much impossible to get the wheels spinning in the conditions on the ski resorts. it did help that the roads are cleared much more efficiently than over here but you could still notice the difference. oh, and on the subject of snow chains, i saw a pillock in my village putting them on during that lightish snowfall before christmas. my fiesta was handling the roads fine and i can't think of any major routes with 10/15 miles that would possibly require them (and thats only if conditions are like the are now. or worse).
  6. JohnP

    Anybody supermarket ran out of deicer

    nope, but a local shop had run out of bread and potatoes because of panic buying.
  7. JohnP

    hd cable for xbox 360... help?

    try amazon or asda. for a hdmi cable, £5 at asda, bargain!
  8. JohnP

    NFS Shift

    I know its an oldish game but was wondering if anyone played it? Just downloaded a new add on with a few classic american cars off PSN. They look proper cool but they do handle a bit crappy.
  9. did you take the pics piggy? i wouldn't fancy doing that whilst driving!!!!
  10. JohnP


    JohnP19 (PSN) at the minute i'm alll about CODMW2.
  11. i don't mind driving in the snow too much, i guess thats probably because i had a couple of driving lessons in the snow and when i passed it snowed for a week or so, so most of the time it was quite slippy. i like to think that experience made me a better driver though. as mentioned though some other drivers scare the bejesus out of me, especially in my works carpark today!
  12. JohnP

    The fiesta will FINALLY be mine...

    for my second year driving i'm being offered quotes of £990 which seems mad for a mk4 fiesta. my girlfriend has a 1.6 seat ibiza and pays £600 or so for that, i think the best way to lower your insurance would be to castrate yourself.
  13. JohnP


    sainsbury's is cheaper and still does nectar points!
  14. JohnP

    Hello fellow ford owners

    welcome to the club, glad to see another mk4 owner! also like the bike, i'm aiming to sort my test out soon!
  15. JohnP

    Hi all

    i think you're right. fast ford did a feature on them awhile back. i was thinking of getting one but my car doesn't sit low enough to make the splitter look good.