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  1. Ford Puma Radio Key

    Still no luck so frustrating when I insert these keys into the radio it does not budge!... 040300 is not the serial number because I have to wait another 30 minutes how much will this cost me to fix at the garage??
  2. Ford Puma Radio Key

    Ye not working I held the number 6 and 2 and nothing happened but when I help 6 and 1 mpg djs 4 04 then 040300 came up does this mean anything?? Is the 6 digit one the serial number?
  3. Ford Puma Radio Key

    So my radio has been goosed for a while . Because my battery was dead and of course the radio requested the radio key I had a look in my audio guide and I seen a number 4 digit on top of that the serial number was their also but it did not work I Flicked though a few pages and one of the pages with the card was in their to and randomly their was also another 4 digit code it did not work. The second page was older and not binded into the audio booklet anyway my serial number is m000255 it says the radio key is 5540 but it's not working I bought the radio keys and I cant get the radio out to see if theirs another code on the top of the radio. So what can I do??
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  5. Motorcycle theory passed one step closer :D