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  1. Happy Birthday Michael Swan!

  2. Ford Focus Mk2 Engine Belt Noise

    Yeah that's like mine Jon just a bit nosier, it stays the same level noise whatever i do, just stops for a little while if i put talc/spary on belt tensioners. The mechanic at my work said to clean all the pullys etc and see how that goes, still haven't had a chance to. I'm not loosing any coolant either and it doesn't overheat or anything, iv'e done around 3 thousand on the car since iv'e had it and this is the only thing that's bugging me.
  3. Ford Focus Mk2 Engine Belt Noise

    Changed aux belt and tensioner still no luck! Clueless
  4. Ford Focus Mk2 Engine Belt Noise

    Tried some maintenance spray whilst engine running and the noise stopped but then came back after a short drive, then this morning tried some baby powder and it stopped for awhile then came back. Aux belt looks newish though, change the belt and tensioner?
  5. Ford Focus Mk2 Engine Belt Noise

    My mileage at the moment is only 50,000, so there should be life in the cam belt (touch wood). The noise is the same through the revs and speed, but notice it more when stopped ticking over (no other noises around etc) And its like a squeaky belt noise, cause i took the aux belt off but was still there, would it make a difference if i replace the aux tensioner? Thanks for replies :)
  6. Ford Focus Mk2 Engine Belt Noise

    Hello, Bought my Focus around a month ago, 2008 TDCI 1.6. When i first started driving it there was no noises, but recently there has become a noise coming from the aux belt/tensioner area. I have took the aux belt off the vehicle and ran it but the noise is still there? Its like a whirring sort of sound as the belt is running around the vehicle, and its constant, cold or hot. Anybody got any ideas on this? Many thanks in advance.
  7. New Member!!

    Luckily ha, 1.6 diesel with 46K on the clock for just over 3 grand. I was fronting with a 1.1 rover '100' and it was still over 2 grand you should have gone for the hyundai aha. Think i might have awhile to get cheap insurance ha.
  8. New Member!!

    I'm still paying close to 900 quid a year ha, 'young male driver' expensive ha
  9. New Member!!

    I had a old Rover for my first car, over 2000 a year! Expensive for young drivers (N)
  10. IMAG0116

    Are they festoon led bulbs? I swapped mine from my old car a Megane and they kept blowing the 7.5 fuse so i ended up putting normal ones in there, look so much better with leds.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Michael Swan :)

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