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  1. Front & rear CCTV install - Focus Mk3

    Probably not a good idea to run that cable right alongside the curtain airbags On mine I run the rear cameras wires across the centre of the roof to the front by the mirror and down from there. Used a stiff long wire to push them above roof liner without removing it
  2. Temperature problem with focus diesel

    Is your shutter grill jammed open or shut?, maybe its open and over cooling But sounds like an air lock to me
  3. What Trim levels get DRL's

    I got the Noldens via Ebay at half the price Ford wanted, took me 45 mins to fit, in the dark, in the rain. Dead easy. 4 years later, still work perfectly, mega bright and look good You can just pop the grill triangles out from the front, using a spudger from the outer bottom corner (when you get the Noldens you will see where the clips are!). Don't forget there are 2 types of Noldens, gloss and matt so check which grill you have first
  4. Immobiliser problems mk3 1.6tdci

    Yep, for a 2012 with start/stop, your battery is past its best if its the original
  5. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    I've had 2 kits. A set that used the existing wing attachment bolt. These were Cr*p!, the lower plate rotated every time you shut the bonnet and the dampers rusted. stripped em off in under 6 months. I then bought a £70 kit which are excellent and have been on for 2 years Top mounts will always be the bonnet mount bolts. If you only undo one side at a time the bonnet doesn't move and you can rebolt them with no issues The bottom mounts get a lot of force on them off centre. make sure there is no way they can rotate
  6. DRL issues

    Well worth the effort, though you should have done it 2 months ago!
  7. DRL issues

    Disconnecting the dimming wire would be a good test. If that works then options would be solder a new Diode into the dimming wire or stick an extra resistor on it to pull it down to 0V
  8. DRL issues

    I went for the Noldens which I got for £100 faultless for 4 years, and fantastic looking However whats gone on your Chinese ones is an internal diode. So they are now allowing current across the dip beam circuit if the lights are on when switched off so the sensor wire is no longer pulled to 0 volts and switching them off. Compounded by the fact that the cheap ones assume the focus is a normal 12v DC system, when in fact its a PCM 12v system (so not a constant 12v when running, which buggers electrics not designed for a PCM waveform and wears out the diodes as they are constantly being hit by pulses Best bet is to buy a cheap £5 DRL controller and wire the LEDS directly using that to bypass the original broken controller
  9. What mods for 1.5 tdci 120ps focus

    Issue is the bcu records each time the map is played with so youve niw list your warranty. Also the map is great for your car now! What happens if you change the airflow or it wears. Screwed! . A third gen chip dynamically adjusts in real time
  10. If its the SYNC 1, then just push the up and down buttons while navigating, and it goes from simple 3D nav, 3d Nav, Distance and time info, 2D nav and simple 2D nav As for zoom its one of the bottom long buttons on the left on my Sony unit to get it in zoom mode. then down to select manual and left right to zoom in out Hope that helps
  11. Snow, ice and snow socks

    Having been in France this week, with massive snowfalls, Ice etc. I have seen about zero socks. Several spider devices, lots of chains and majority with just winter tyres. Forget the socks, you can get a set of giant studded cable ties for a £10er, that work exceptionally well and are reusable. But you cant beat chains or proper winter tyres. You can buy chains for £30 if you hunt around (especially abroad) and they last many years unless you don't take em off once off the snow (Oh and they work on mud as well)
  12. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    good choice
  13. 2012 Titanium & Dashcam

    Same here
  14. Its one of the settings you can change. Cant remember off hand which of the 2 displays you set it on though sorry. I used to have it switched on, but have over time switched it off (along with voice on the sat nav). I prefer to have the car display showing and to look at the nav screen to plan ahead
  15. Perfectly good. Its bigger than the early TomToms and works very well, you can also tell it to through next junction information up instead of the car picture by the speedo