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  1. They are dead easy to do yourself with a little care and an 11mm Allen key. look on you tube how to do it and see if you can attempt it yourself
  2. Battery Pos, almost any fuse in passenger footway Ignition Pos, fuse 86 Nighttime lights, easiest would be the submarine lights in the Passenger footwell As you say, plenty of grounds everywhere
  3. Yep, was called Plastidip then. Works well Great on rope ends and tool handles as well. You can get its in spray form now as well
  4. You have a short in the wiring somewhere on the left side, check the connector and wires to it. Check to see if bulbs have blown to a dead short
  5. I havd fitted bi-xenons running leds to mine to replace the reflectors, the rest is simple electronics. The focus uses pwm by default to control lamps brightmes. “Other” puts it back to standard fixed 12v electrics. Unless your running dimp/dips it wont hurt
  6. Dont need to keep the button held either, just press once and keep clutch down. Car will do the rest
  7. Canbus or non can bus, an LED will not take more current than a normal, bulb so won't blow anything. However a poor connection that moves when power is on, could spike something. First thing to check is if there 13v at the H7 connector, that will tell you if the bulb is the issue or the car. If no voltage you will need a code reader I have Canbus LED's in my Mk3, no issues, warnings or config changes Could use Focccus to change car to "Other headlamps" that will turn of the PWM control they use
  8. On the sat nav, you might have corrosion on the aerial base so it can't get a fix, so its defaulting to a fixed manufacturer set location Check where the GPS plugs into the unit and then at the aerial side for corrosion
  9. You can get new bulb holders on eBay that replace the original ford ones and give you some more fitting g space around the LED. My experience was though that on the PFL Mk3 the beam patter was rubbish even with LEDS that mimic normal bulbs I've fitted new Chinese projector lamps with bi-xenon function and put LEDS in, much better, but I did have to rebuild the units as when they come from China the focus and patterns were crud and they were so high, that even the adjusters couldn't compensate. SO avoid the Chinese lamps if you not prepared to disassemble (they went back for repair originally and came back even worse!) Love the white light and pattern and now have 4 bulbs running in full beam mode
  10. I honestly cant tell when mine regens when running. No change in sound or feel Mind you mine is on a spider arachnid chip and revs out quite nicely to 4.5k before coming off power
  11. Leds should outlive the car! Unless overdriven or over heated
  12. Had non CE rear red LEDs in my cars for at least the last 10 years (from when the very first LEDS came out), Never had an issue or a failed LED, as long as they work and are the correct colour
  13. Was reported before warranty expired so IS STILL COVERED, regardless of what they say. Keep moaning and ask fir it to be escalated
  14. I'm at same mileage in mine, never notice the regent happening unless I pull up when one is on and the fan stays on. Mines run on Shell Super all its life and has a Spider Arachnid chip, and gets an Archoil 6400D regularly The lowest mpg I've ever got was 48mpg and that was in town in heavy traffic. On normal cruises I get 55-60 and I've managed 70mpg once on an all motorway trip with load of 50 mph sections
  15. When testing the contacts with the multimeter and the pump disconnected, there is only minuscule current draw, so the relays may be making good enough contact, however with the pump in circuit the current draw is higher and a bad relay contact may prevent enough current flow Try pinning the wires at the switch and measuring with the pump IN the circuit