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  1. madmole

    Front & rear CCTV install - Focus Mk3

    Nothing complicated to it, pull the headliner out from under the rubber hatchback seal and let it droop. At the front, I popped out the front sunglasses holder Then I used a cable runner {extending role you screw together in 1m sections}, taped the wire to the end and used it to push the wire from the rear to the exposed hole at the front between the liner and the roof. I don’t have a sunroof to go round and there is a cross bar or ridge about half way you have to go under when it reached the sunglasses hole, untamed the wire and pulled back the threader hardest but was working out how to get the front light out
  2. madmole

    Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Its working from your last cached position. Thats where you were when it broke
  3. Haynes for the Mk3 is useless, service info only really
  4. madmole

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Thanks, will try that, I was given another sequence that didnt work. I did it with Forscan when I replaced mine Got any other amazing sequence nuggets like that? I have the reset service light one (brake and clutch peddles) S
  5. madmole

    Focus Mk3 uneven revs/jerking issue

    Yep, they didn't set the belt up correctly and your timing is off
  6. madmole

    I just found this out

    Amazing what a strip of sticky black carbon fibre tape can do 8-)
  7. madmole

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Not on a Mk3, that works on 2 and 2.5 though
  8. madmole

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Dont forget to reset the battery sensor when you change the battery (need Forscan to do that) or it wont know its a new battery and will think its 5 years old and charge it appropriately
  9. madmole


    Its a Euro 5 engine so must have a DPF DV5FD
  10. Maybe because that's not how you should start it! DONT switch it on first, that's probably draining the battery or confusing it Just get in, press clutch down and press button, wait for glow plug cycle (about 5 seconds on a very cold day, nothing at all normally) and it starts. no need to press button twice
  11. madmole

    I just found this out

    Try putting teeth on your PFL then you will change your mind on its looks
  12. madmole

    I just found this out

    The Pre face lift are the nice looking ones, the Face lifts look fugly and don't get me started on the Beemer 1 clone looking 2018's
  13. madmole

    Turning OFF one-touch windows?

    mine took about 3 weeks to settle down and not anti trap on wind up. Stick with it they will bed in eventually
  14. madmole

    1.6 Tdci Performance

    Mine had the Spider put on with only 5K on the clock and now has 36K, No issues at all. Its a 2013 just like yours. I also put on a K&N and removed the snorkel at the same time. Only problem is I tended to drive harder round corners so I ended up getting the Whitelines adjustable rear anti roll bar, which improved the handling a lot. I also put a polybush in the rear engine mount to stop the engine twist at hard pull away Yours is out of warranty so you don't need to worry about a remap showing up, just make sure yourve done all your other mods before its mapped, otherwise the map would be slightly wrong and of course, as the engine wears the fixed map isn't perfect. The spider is always re-tuning so allows for wear, tear and updgrades.
  15. madmole

    Lack of power after dpf cleaning

    Fuel filter gives same symptoms when blocked