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  1. madmole

    Red bulbs

    Leds should outlive the car! Unless overdriven or over heated
  2. madmole

    Red bulbs

    Had non CE rear red LEDs in my cars for at least the last 10 years (from when the very first LEDS came out), Never had an issue or a failed LED, as long as they work and are the correct colour
  3. madmole

    Ford Focus Titanium X Adaptive headlight Problems

    Was reported before warranty expired so IS STILL COVERED, regardless of what they say. Keep moaning and ask fir it to be escalated
  4. madmole

    New purchase: MK3 2013 1.6 TDCI Zetec

    I'm at same mileage in mine, never notice the regent happening unless I pull up when one is on and the fan stays on. Mines run on Shell Super all its life and has a Spider Arachnid chip, and gets an Archoil 6400D regularly The lowest mpg I've ever got was 48mpg and that was in town in heavy traffic. On normal cruises I get 55-60 and I've managed 70mpg once on an all motorway trip with load of 50 mph sections
  5. madmole

    53 plate Focus 1.8 Washers fault

    When testing the contacts with the multimeter and the pump disconnected, there is only minuscule current draw, so the relays may be making good enough contact, however with the pump in circuit the current draw is higher and a bad relay contact may prevent enough current flow Try pinning the wires at the switch and measuring with the pump IN the circuit
  6. madmole

    53 plate Focus 1.8 Washers fault

    Both sides shouldn't be live! Take pump and connect it to a 12v source or even a PP3 9v battery and see if it runs. normally on the pump, one connection is to earth the other a switched 13v feed
  7. madmole

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    Yes, wasn't aware they called their HID's nightbreakers as well as their Halogens.
  8. madmole

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    Original bulbs are much lower output than the night breakers or Phillips super visions, If you drive them harder for lumens then their life decreases Many years of using and testing bulbs, I can tell you the Vision Plus Phillips and Nightbreakers are the brightest standard bulbs. (not a lot in it), but NB's last 6-8 months average, Phillips last around a year. In all cases total lumens start to fall off after 6 months or so. Replace either of them after a year and the replacements are noticeably brighter Any bulb that has a blue coating on the bulb, may look whiter, but that coating is absorbing light and I've yet to test ANY blue bulb that puts out as much light as the above
  9. madmole

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    Try the Phillips bulbs, same brightness as the nightbreakers but last a whole year, rather than 6-8 months. Both makes are good bulbs, focused well and much brighter than standard
  10. madmole

    Break disc's

    278mm.Fit Brembo pads and disks, you wont regret it, Superb braking and almost no dust (unlike the ford ones)
  11. madmole

    Focus Mk3 2.0 TDCi workshop manual

    Plus Haynes manual have been so dumbed down now that they are not worth the paper they are printed on.
  12. madmole

    Front & rear CCTV install - Focus Mk3

    Nothing complicated to it, pull the headliner out from under the rubber hatchback seal and let it droop. At the front, I popped out the front sunglasses holder Then I used a cable runner {extending role you screw together in 1m sections}, taped the wire to the end and used it to push the wire from the rear to the exposed hole at the front between the liner and the roof. I don’t have a sunroof to go round and there is a cross bar or ridge about half way you have to go under when it reached the sunglasses hole, untamed the wire and pulled back the threader hardest but was working out how to get the front light out
  13. madmole

    Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Its working from your last cached position. Thats where you were when it broke
  14. Haynes for the Mk3 is useless, service info only really
  15. madmole

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Thanks, will try that, I was given another sequence that didnt work. I did it with Forscan when I replaced mine Got any other amazing sequence nuggets like that? I have the reset service light one (brake and clutch peddles) S