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  1. No diesel going to engine

    I had the same problem with my 2008 Fiesta. Turned out to be the fuel pump and was told that this is not an unusual problem.
  2. Peugeot problem

    Jonro, yes, but as the car battery seems flat nothing works! I've also tried sticking the key into the door lock.... again it will not unlock. Also with this car, unlike other convertible, the boot cannot be opened from inside the car as the back of the rear seats are metal and fixed. I am starting to wonder if she has got the correct key.
  3. Peugeot problem

    My daughter in law's car is a Peugeot 308cc. She works abroad for months at a time leaving the 308cc in the garage. When she returned recently she was unable to open the doors or the bonnet or the boot. How can I open the bonnet for her in order to charge the battery? I've tried to register with the Peugeot , but cannot seem to register! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. electric fault

    I would think that the "clicking" noise you mention is from the starter motor and not the fuse. (From what used to be called the Bendix Spring".) Had to change my 5 year old battery today as the "stop-start" stopped! Due to age, (Mine , not the battery's! ) I took the car to Halfords and had a new battery fitted as it is a pig to change. All now seems well. Before I was convinced that it was indeed battery problems I checked "Messages" in the computer and it also read "Low Voltage".
  5. 14 Plate Titanium X DAB Fault

    Just a suggestion Chris, but why not just disconnect it and then re-connect?
  6. Service -110,000 miles

    Get the cambelt replaced and at the same time replace the waterpump. The new cambelt can destroy the bearings in a well worn waterpump.
  7. Aftermarket Head Unit & Convers+

    I would be interested if anyone has experience of this satnav. I have just got a Mondeo Titanium 2012, and as I undertake quite a few foreign trips, I would be interested in retrofitting a satnav. The wires for TomTom get in the way. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/7-Ford-Mondeo-Focus-C-S-max-Galaxy-Car-DVD-Player-Radio-GPS-Stereo-Black-SatNav-/302356516855?hash=item4665da4ff7
  8. Things I Don't Like

    Place the soldering iron under the wires you are soldering with the solder on top. The molten solder will then run down into the wires. make certain you have the correct tip on the iron, and don't overheat .... as is common LOL. BTW RS Components sell 60/40 tin-lead solder.... Stcok number 555-235.
  9. Happy Birthday John_D!

  10. Is My Fiesta Pinking? Do They Still Do That?

    Hope you get it sorted Lee, strange noises in motors arfe always a nuisance. Especially when they just cone and go.
  11. Is My Fiesta Pinking? Do They Still Do That?

    This photo may asist in checking the plugs.
  12. Is My Fiesta Pinking? Do They Still Do That?

    If the car is used mainly for shortish runs, a build ip of carbon can ossure in the cylinder head; even today with advanced fuels. The carbon build up can glow red hot causing pre-ignition. One trick we used to get rid of this without taking the head off was to use Redex. (Can you still get this??). We used to pour some into the carburettor (sp) and run the engine. This was done preferably away from civilisation as the ensuing white smoke could cover the neibourhood. As we no longer have carburetors just take out each plug and pour a few drops into the combustion chamber, then run the engine. As has been mentioned above, pinking (sounds like breaking glass) can be caused by ignition too advanced, low fuel RON, etc etc as well as what I mentioned. I would suggest getting it seen to as prolonged pincking can easily destroy the engine. You can determine where the sound is coming from with the old fashioned screwdriver test ! Take a longish screwdriver, place the metal end on the suspected part of the engine and press your ear to the handle end. (Do NOT touch the plugs! ) (P.S. Previously I owned a garage specialising in tuning Triumph TR2 and 3s) :)
  13. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Tyres

    Agree Charlie. I'll happily put up with the tyre noise as the MPGs are exceptional. Also I'm quite surprised that the little 1.4 TDCI engine has such poke! I expected a sluggish engine but not at all. With the BMWs run-flats we also had tyre noise, but I found that for a car costing £30, + that this was unacceptable, and repalcemements would cost over £1k ! However the little Ford is a tiny percentage of that price, and I am getting to like it a lot. My wifes MINI Convertible went in part/ex for it. :) :)
  14. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Tyres

    Just got back from shopping in Kendal and see that they have just re-surfaced part of the eastbound A66 dual carriage across Stainmore Pass from Cumbria. And the car is absolutley SILENT! These appear to be very small stones; of course it is the larger stones in the tarmac which cause the noise. I wish all roads were like this new surface but I suppose these are cheaper.
  15. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Tyres

    Thanks for that news Charlie. The only benefit I get with these noisy tyres is that my wife has stopped trying to converse with me in the car. :) I must add that the van look the doggies thingies ! Spaceship like !