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  1. Hi All, not been on for ages so a BIG HELLO from me. anyhow, I'm wanting to change my air filter to a performance one but sticking with the panel filter rather than going for an induction kit. I am looking for advice/opinion and or recommendation on what to go for. cheers muchness
  2. there are plenty of tuners out there if you buy something like fast ford you will see plenty of examples from Revo, puma speed, mountune, sico developments, eco tune ive not used any of these nor connected to them. apparently the standard turbo is ok up to 175 bhp (so I read) although mine has just failed lol and ive not mapped it.
  3. I've used the nankang ns2 before on a car I had that had 20's on and they were the best budget/middle of the road tyre I could get, they were actually quite good in all conditions. must admit I much prefer Michelin or bridgestone though but all depends on budget/cost.
  4. alzy if you could put a link up for the badges that would be great. cookey09 where did you get the foot rest from. sorry for high jacking yer thread .
  5. looks good. my wife had mk6 1.4 zetec climate in apple green cracking car to drive and handled excellently . enjoy
  6. welcome along. a little "red edition" steering wheel sticker looks good. I've seen that on here and got a "black edition" one for mine . that's all I've done happy modding
  7. so up date from the dealer . Just waiting for the turbo to arrive (hopefully soon) . thanks for the replies will keep you posted.
  8. iantt. the mechanic thinks its the actuator but will find out more when it goes back to ford. as soon as I hear I will let you know.
  9. maltozo you are right and I agree giving it the berries now and then is good for all engines .I ran a service/work shop for a main motorcycle franchise and as far as bike engines are concerned it does them good. as for the mileage it gets used every day but the car is only a couple of months old. the dealer I use is very good ive been using them for a number of years and so far so good keeping me informed and a courtesy car at no cost . as for ford haven't had any pobs so far with warranty so fingers crossed.
  10. mikeyd1 , they think it failed due to the actuator not working properly but would to see what ford say when the get unit back for inspection
  11. liking what your going for. option one for the grill. where did yo get the gel badges from bud?
  12. my black edition fiesta only has 2300 miles on the clock ( haven't even driven it hard yet ) and the turbo has failed . on another post I had made I spoke about a rattle coming from the actuator and the response from ford saying its ok and no action required. but the first time a go to drive it the next morning..... I have fek all power and this is the result . Well FORD so much for no action required eh!? . Have been trying to get in touch with ford but no success .
  13. I have a back edition , same car but black , mines is getting a new turbo at only 2300miles other than that cant fault it
  14. well my situation has gotten worse..... Got the car back last drove it the quarter mile home fine..........got in today and it felt sluggish got on motorway and no power road was quiet so dropped speed to 50 foot to the floor in 5th nothing eventually starting moving dropped to 4th ( normally very responsive ) NOTHING foot flat to the floor not doing anything . went straight into dealer asked to leave it with them , called me a couple of hours later ....nothing obvious everything connect but no boost/power . will need to wait until start of week to find out.
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