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  1. Another 1.6 Tdci Turbo/dpf Problem

    I did see your note about the green filter but because I'm confident around basic service work I didn't look at the guide so didn't see the discount. Well i have an over all update. Last Friday car went into permanent limp mode so took it to garage and they said glow plug problems were coming up on the codes. A new set of glow plugs were ordered so on Saturday morning I started the replacement process. First glow plug was located and started to remove plug was tight to remove but came out ok only to find that the tip of the glow plug had snapped off inside the head. This was the last straw the car has now been part exchanged for a 62plate Vauxhall corsa ltd edition 1.3 diesel with 10k on the clock. I really didn't fancy another ford, which is a shame because I loved my focus but I had go do something. Only went for the Vauxhall because ford didn't have any good deals.
  2. Another 1.6 Tdci Turbo/dpf Problem

    only good thing is that ford unofficialy told me to get the dpf removed and remap at local 3rd party garage then said garage tries to fleece me of £1200 for a new turbo and dpf delete. I'm telling my mate not to go on holiday again. Had to order a pipercross air filter company selling green filters on ebay said their out of stock for 2 weeks and will send it me then or cancel order, told them to cancel as its needed for saturday. They are out of stock yet still floging them on ebay. Its all fun and games
  3. Another 1.6 Tdci Turbo/dpf Problem

    Thanks for all the advice, EGR Blanking plate and green performance air filter ordered today ready to be fitted on saturday with dpf removal and remap. Is it worth taking the egr off to clean with brake and cluch cleaner befor fitting blanking plate or just fit blanking plate? Oil was changed 3900 miles ago so will buy some wynnes diesel engine flush middle of next month ready for an oil and filter change. Looking at a couple of threads people have said magnatec 5/30 fully synthetic oil is the one to go for any type of oil filter or just a generic one from the motor factors (not Unipart). Any more advice and tips are very welcomed. On another note I'm looking at buying and engine code reader from flea bay anybody sugest a good one prices seem to vary from £15 up Mark
  4. Another 1.6 Tdci Turbo/dpf Problem

    Thank you for the help Does it specificaly have to be a Green performance filter or will a k&n filter do the same job Also with the wynnes engine flush a few threads have said not to use it as it can disloge some crud/carbon deposits and cause a blockage in some of the oil pipework and gauze filters??
  5. Hi All I'm new here and this is my 2nd post, my first was to say hi in the introduction area. Well I have some problems and having had a good look round the site I have no idea what I'm going to do so I thought I would ask the forum for some advice sorry but it’s a long one. I have a 2006 1.6tdci zetec climate with 96k and a sketchy service history, I bought the car in May With 88k and had a full service including oil and fuel filters, timing belt, water pump, fan belt. All was great until about 1month ago when I got a red light (no Symbol) and a message saying engine systems fault on the dash, I took it to my friends garage and he said I need to do a regeneration on the dpf so 2 bottles of dpf cleaner into the tank and a nice 70min drive along the local express way and home again in 4th at 3500rpm. That seemed to do the trick but it has done it a couple of times so process was repeated, and again seemed ok. Engine codes that came up were always the same P2458 P0299 P0089 Then a whooshing noise from the front engine area appeared last week so fords had it (friends garage closed as on holiday), they relived me of £300 and said it was an intercooler pipe split and my dpf was blocked. £1300 for a new dpf from fords so I said no thanks. Unofficially a mechanic said that a local garage would do a dpf removal and ecu delete. I went to the said garage where he said he could do it but it is probably a worn turbo and its on its way out he then removed the rhs (as you look at the engine) pipe from the turbo and wiped oil out he said that the turbo is passing oil and is worn and could go at any time so it would be better to replace turbo and do dpf removal and ecu delete all in one for £1200. I have since been told turbos pass oil anyway ??? Is the turbo going or on its way out?? I have read a lot about carbon build up injectors leaking turbo replacements so I'm stuck I have got someone round next week ( http://www.westcoastremaps.co.uk/#!dpf-removal/c90w ) to do the dpf while he is doing that what can I do at the same time to help my car, and wallet in the future. he is costing me £300 for the removal and ecu delete so I dont have much cash left if I can do something to prevent anything else it has to help me. I do a high milage so will be replacing the oil every 5k miles already done it once. Sorry its so long but any help and advice is truly appreciated I like the focus and dont really want to sell it and buy something else more so because I can’t afford to. Mark
  6. New Member

    Hi All Im Mark a new member from Penmaenmawr in North Wales. Just want to say that forum looks good with plenty of advice for all kinds of stuff so much so I need to put some stuff in the ficus for myself. Take care and I hope to make some new friends. Mark
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums welsh focus :)

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