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  1. MK2 RS exhaust tip removal (for cleaning)

    Thanks for the information both. See before and after.
  2. Hi guys, I have the standard exhaust and tips on my Focus. They're getting a tad dirty, so I plan to degrease and polish to get them gleaming again. Ideally, I'd like to take them off to do this. Can you take them off? If so, how? I have searched the forums but couldn't find anything on the subject. James
  3. Steak

    Medium Blue, is just, no. Well Done spoils the meat! "Here's one I made earlier"
  4. Number Plate Stolen

    Hi guys, I'm not technically expecting any responses from this. I'm posting it more for information share! My number plate was nicked Friday 10th March from the Birmingham area. It's been reported to the Police. I'm just now waiting for fines to pour through my letter box 😄 It's a long shot but please shout up if you see a vehicle with the plate: GY59 FKG
  5. MOT woes and Persistant Clunking!

    Not sure if it's the same for you but when I had a 'clunking' sound on my mk2.5 ST about 2 years ago, the cause of the sound was the driveshaft had split. I think Ford replaced it for around £180.
  6. Birmingham Bodywork repairs. Someone bumped into me!

    Hi guys, I wanted to give an update. I had absolutely no luck calling 8 bodyshops in and around Birmingham. Most of them said they didn't deal with that particular insurance company (1st central) and others wanted a deposit off me in order for them to give an estimate. I contacted the insurance company and asked them to recommend an approved company to me. They gave me the contact details for Atherstone Motor Repairs. They're not Ford approved, but they do use original Ford parts. They are Mazda approved however, which gave me some confidence. To be fair to them, they've done a fantastic job. I've attached the two images to show before and after. They replaced the door shell and pushed the panels out on the bodywork. She's back looking as good as new. Although this hasn't affected my NCB, I do still need to declare it as a claim. I've checked quotes with and without this claim, and this year, my insurance increases by £100 because of it. What's the point in saying it doesn't affect my NCB?
  7. Hi guys, I've just purchased a cheap run-around to get me to work and back. It's a 2009 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI with a 100,000 miles on the clock. For what it is, it drives great with no notable issues. The only problem I'm having is when the ambient temperature is cold outside. The car struggles to start. At the moment to start the car, I'm turning the electrics on via the 2nd ignition point, leaving it for 30 seconds, then igniting and it starts every time (so far). Obviously, if I can make a diagnosis, I'd like to sort this out just in case it turns into a real problem where the car won't start, period. What I'd like to get from you guys, if possible is: Why would the car struggle to start in the cold? What are the possible causes for this to happen? I don't want to take it to a garage if I can help it. The point of this car was to cost me minimal for a few years as a run-around. I'm no mechanic but I'm quite handy (an engineer by profession) so I don't mind getting into the engine bay and experimenting). Thanks, James
  8. hi need help

    Sounds like a trip to Ford
  9. Birmingham Bodywork repairs. Someone bumped into me!

    It's not replica . I've spoken to Ford this morning. They said for Bodywork repairs, they use an independent garage that are Ford approved. They're called PJ Rhodes. Anyone heard of them? They're Birmingham based.
  10. Birmingham Bodywork repairs. Someone bumped into me!

    Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate any input. I'll be considering all. It's a MK2. Their insurer is 1st Central. The insurer has contacted me today acknowledging that they will be proceeding with the repair. Apparently, a local bodyshop will contact me in the coming days to assess the damage. I'll see what they're like first before I agree to anything. I am a bit unsure as to whether to demand that Ford do the work vs a bodywork specialist. I'm getting mixed opinions from family, friends, work colleagues and on here. That's a bit of a worry! As a side note, they offered me a Vauxhall Corsa as a hire car . Needless to say I declined that humble offer as I will not drive a Vauxhall. I'll continue to post updates. Thanks again.
  11. Hi guys, So my car (bright white) was parked and someone managed to reverse into it 😫 Long story short, they've accepted liability and thankfully they're insured so I'll be claiming on theirinsurance. However, I want a proper job done. Can anyone vouch / recommended a legitimate Bodywork company located around the Birmingham area? I'm still yet to see which company the insurance want to go through. If the reviews are average or worse then that, I won't be using them.
  12. MK2 "Short shifter" or "short gear stick"

    Right thanks guys. Makes sense now. 👍
  13. Ford Focus ST security measures

    Hi, I had a mk2 Focus RS stolen in 2014. Partly was down to my naivety, but from then I've had two other cars. I had a Focus mk2 ST and another Focus mk2 Rs. On both of these cars, I use the full steering wheel disklok, however this is only deterrent. A thief can get this lock of off with tools in under 3 minutes. There's videos on Youtube ti illustrate this. In addition to this, I've used SecureMyCar (Google them) on two occasions. They offer a security package involving OBD port removal / immobilisation, a Viper alarm and immobiliser aside from the useless ford factory one, glass break sensor, tilt sensor and a tracker. I can track my car on my phone via an app. I also bought remote start which is useful for the winter 😁 I cannot recommend them enough.
  14. Hi guys, I've searched the forums but cannot find a relating thread. I'm looking for a short-throw gear stick for my mk2 RS Focus. Any ideas? I've found one on Mountune but didn't want their yellow theme. I want to retain blue stitching internally. Thanks, James
  15. Focus Mk 2.5 St Driveshaft: Pricing Question

    Thanks all. My actual quote is £380. Judging by what most of you have said, they seems a decent price? Price includes parts, labor and VAT