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  1. mk2pock

    Chrome Trimmings/mouldings

    Does anyone know if and where to get chrome mouldings and trim bits etc re chromed? Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. mk2pock

    Can Anyone Help

    Are you using standard bulbs? I used some different headlight bulbs in my lights a few years back and believe or not but even though they looked and performed perfectly, somehow they buggered the beam pattern up, so I used to have to swap them for the MOT. Also are the lights e marked? If they aren't then maybe they aren't intended for use in this country, RHD vehicles, so the pattern will be wrong. You can put some tape over a certain section of the light, to block the area of light which blinds people coming the other way, then it should pass. Your tester, if he's half reasonable should let you do this if you ask him while it's aimed at the beam setter. There's no other way that I no of to change your beam pattern. Hope this helps Old Fords do it sideways
  3. mk2pock

    Caked On Road Debris On Alloys!

    Nice one thanks for advice, no I would never advise anyone to use wonder wheels if they don't have to, it's nasty stuff, I would say just once is enough if your wheels have not been cared for by a previous owner etc etc. Thats a good picture showing results of the kare product you use. I might have to get some :) Old Fords do it sideways
  4. mk2pock

    Bug Removal, Help Appreciated

    Polish the front of the car after EVERY wash. It doesn't take long! Infact for less time than trying to scrub off flies. I have no trouble doing it this way. Washing every week or two by the way Old Fords do it sideways
  5. mk2pock

    Caked On Road Debris On Alloys!

    Hi, To put it simply, keeping the wheels in showroom condition, like I manage to, is easy. All I use now is a wash and wax, and when they are clean, keep them polished like you would the paintwork. Ordinary car polish that's all! This puts the protective layer on, and stops the roads crap sticking, so each time you clean gets easier too. Now they are on the condition in your pic, you will just have to work at it to get them nice first. Anything that stubborn and I remember I used wonder wheels. Not from my experience, but one of my mates used a little t cut to bring his wheels up. Remember, your dealing with a painted surface here just like the bodywork, not aluminium, and I think the name of our wheels throws people off! Old Fords do it sideways
  6. mk2pock

    Mk2 Fiesta Parts Wanted

    I'll have a word.... I reckon my mate will av some of those bits in his shed,, left over from his pick-up conversion. So fair to say he should have a back seat in there Old Fords do it sideways
  7. mk2pock

    Mk2 Escort Boot Lid Badge

    If anyone out there has an original positioned blue oval on their boot, please can you measure it's positioning and let me know. I need to stick my new badge on, the cars been painted and I didn't make a note beforehand!! I have searched the net with no joy :( A measurement from the bottom and right hand edge will be great Old Fords do it sideways
  8. mk2pock

    Escort Mk2 1600 Sport Project

    Not sure about the engine, but I do know you can get more power out of the x flow than a pinto. So you'll be alright if you want big power Old Fords do it sideways
  9. mk2pock

    Escort Mk2 1600 Sport Project Just found this, I spoke too soon. Never know when an opportunity comes up ay! See what you think, it's not been welded Old Fords do it sideways
  10. mk2pock

    Escort Mk2 1600 Sport Project

    Overall mate, I think a strong shell to build from is the key thing to look for. This will save a lot of time and money on welding. If it's unwelded you can see what your buying and no one has done any bodge filling and welding cover up jobs on it. There are still shells out there, but a 2 door will be big money. Then to narrow your search to a 1600 sport will add a lot more value and to be honest I haven't seen one of those for sale as a project for quite some time. Even 4 doors are getting pricey as like I'm sure your aware, there aren't many cars left these days. Always view it before bidding on eBay as people hide all sorts in photos!! Good idea might be to get yourself down to classic ford show next June, or put an ad in the magazine. There's always stuff for sale there. Overall... Don't give up searching, maybe consider building a replica, if your adamant you want the sport, dig deep, but maybe a more door option is the way forward?! Old Fords do it sideways
  11. mk2pock

    Mk2 Escort Blue Oval Help

    Boot lid had a respray so no evidence left where it used to be. My fault I overlooked this and forgot to measure where it was before hand. I think I'll have to do it by looking at a lot of photos and some good eye work might end up being my only answer to get it 'about right' No where I have searched on the web has any answers. It just needs someone with that barn find I guess where the answer would lye. Old Fords do it sideways
  12. mk2pock

    Escort Van Fuel Gauge

    Not 100% sure, but the brown white will be your pos and neg. so connect BOTH to the plug. It sounds like, if they had already been removed by previous owner, that was for a reason, and possibly the sender in the tank is at fault. Just eliminate each component you can i.e. dash gauge, wiring, sender. It's likely to be in the tank otherwise the last bloke would have fixed it at a guess. Old Fords do it sideways
  13. I wouldn't spend any more money on parts until you've eliminated this, Trace and remove the fuel lines from the tank, undo them at each end, and blow them out with an airline. Do all you can to obviously eliminate every pipe. Most importantly do one from the tank. Any small deposits in the fuel can be sucked along upon creating a flow when you try and start the car. These deposits will then block the first component in line and make your blockage - bad starting. The car will start easily when cold because they will sink back to a low point in the pipes. I would advise to do this process when it's got hardly any fuel left so run it down first! Then you can drain the tank, wasting very little £ ! Blow or swill the tank through with a bit of new fuel, and then refill with nice clean new stuff from a can you must prepare prior. Remember you may not even see and grit or tiny rust bits etc coming out when you do these processes. It can be the smallest of bits that will cause the problem. Disregard all this if I didn't understand your description! Hope to be of help, let us no how you get on, and don't get rid of the car! Old Fords do it sideways
  14. mk2pock

    Mk2 Escort Blue Oval Help

    Can anyone help? I have to stick my new blue oval on the boot lid, but I don't know the correct original location measurements where Ford put it. Will need the distance from the right hand edge of the lid at minimum, as I think it will go at the same height as the escort badge on the opposite side. Old Fords do it sideways
  15. mk2pock

    Hello From New Joiner

    Sounds good mate and what I've seen so far.... Where would I post to get some info for my mk2 escort? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC